Israel’s Livni Welcomes President Rivlin’s Comments on Proposed Jewish State Bill

rubi rivlin presidentIsrael’s president questioned the intent of the proposed bill that specifies Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. The bill has the support of Prime Minister Netanyahu, while Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Finance Minister Yair Lapid strongly oppose it.

“The State of Israel is the national state of the Jewish people. A small, abhorred minority, undermine this fact, both from within our own and from outside, and so, we must ask ourselves seriously, what is the point of the proposed law – Israel: The National State of the Jewish People,” President Reuven Rivlin said on Tuesday. Read more »

Shoes from Holocaust Victims Stolen from Polish Museum

Majdanek museumThieves stole eight shoes that were on display at the former Nazi concentration camp in Majdanek. The camp was later turned into the Majdanek museum.

A museum official said that one of the employees noticed the missing shoes during a routine checkup. The official said that the thieves cut a hole in a metal mesh that contained the display where several hundred shoes were stored. Read more »







Israeli Police Chief Criticizes Jewish Activists Fighting for Temple Mount

yehudaglick-420x0(AP) — Jewish activists bent on gaining greater access to a sensitive Jerusalem holy site should not visit there, Israel’s police chief said Tuesday.

The sacred shrine known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary has been the focal point of deadly violence between Jews and Arabs in recent weeks. Read more »

Anti-Semitic Graffiti Appears in Hampstead, Montreal



People in the neighborhood of Snowdon in Montreal were shocked when over the weekend they spotted anti-Semitic graffiti sprayed on vehicles, a public school and other locations.

Several people reported seeing swastikas and the letters KKK sprayed with red and blue spray-paint, onto several cars, a French public school, a realtor sign and a local Fire Department. Read more »







Obama Calls for Prosecution of Violent Ferguson Protestors



During a speech on Tuesday, where the president further explained his executive action on immigration, Obama also reiterated his call for peaceful protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

A grand jury on Monday decided against indicted police officer Darren Wilson for the deadly shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. After the announcement by the prosecutor, some protests turned violent. Read more »

Ambassador Shapiro Prays At Jerusalem Synagogue Targeted in Deadly Attack [Video]

shapiro prayingThe US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro on Tuesday paid a special solidarity visit at the Jerusalem synagogue targeted by Palestinian terrorists in a deadly terrorist attack last week Tuesday.

Shapiro joined congregants for shachrit prayers at the Kehillat Bnei Torah synagogue in Har Nof, where four congregants and a druze police officer were murdered by meat-cleavers and a gunshot. He was seen praying with Talis and Tefillin. Read more »







Ferguson Officer Wilson: ‘I Know I Did My Job Right’ [Video]

Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson(AP) — Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson says he couldn’t have done anything differently in his confrontation with Michael Brown to have prevented the 18-year-old’s shooting death.

Wilson made his first public statements Tuesday during an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. He offered details of the Aug. 9 shooting like those contained in his grand jury testimony, released a day earlier after it was decided he wouldn’t be indicted in the death. Read more »

Rep. King: Invite Officer Wilson to White House

Peter KingRepublican Congressman Peter King suggested on Tuesday that if Obama wants to show the nation how to unite after the Ferguson verdict, Officer Darren Wilson should be invited to the White House.

“I think it would be very helpful if President Obama went and met with the police officer, or invited him to the White House,” King said on Fox Business Network.  Read more »

WWII Museum Opening New Pavilion in New Orleans



A bombed-out bunker with a digital battle mapping table and animated fighter planes soaring overhead gives an immersive look at strategic air raids over Europe during World War II.

The simulated experience takes place inside a new 32,000-square-foot pavilion opening to the public on Dec. 13 at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Read more »

NYC Campaign Finance Board to Rule on Text Message Donations

In an effort to further streamline campaign funding, the New York City Campaign Finance Board (CFB) is expected to pass new rules by the end of this year that will legislate how campaigns accept contributions via text message. The rules are based on Local Law 11 of 2013 which permits candidates for local offices to accept contributions through what is typically a cell-phone-based format. If a person who donates via text message is a New York City resident, the contributed funds will be eligible for public matching dollars from the CFB.

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Payback Time: Russian Envoy Says Ferguson Shows US Racial Problems

ferguson 1(AP). The violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, reflect simmering U.S. tensions over racial discrimination that could undermine the country’s stability, a senior Russian diplomat said Tuesday.

The comments by the Russian Foreign Ministry’s human rights envoy, Konstantin Dolgov, were among the sharpest from a foreign official as images of violent protests in Ferguson topped newscasts around the world. The protests came after a grand jury’s decision not to indict a white police officer in the killing of an unarmed black man, 18-year-old Michael Brown. Read more »

Greenfield Introduces Bill To Regulate Uber’s Surge Pricing

greenfield-streets-580x388Councilman David Greenfield on Tuesday introduced legislation in the City Council to rein in Uber’s exorbitant “surge pricing” and protect consumers from price gouging fares.

Uber, a car service company which allows customers to hail a private car or taxi from a mobile app, has faced increasing scrutiny over its surge pricing model, especially during rush hours, bad weather and on holidays. Read more »

LA Eruv Advocate Fights All Obstacles to Ensure Optimum Shabbat Observance

Los Angeles resident Howard Witkin is clearly a man with multiple interests. In addition to a career as a life insurance salesman, he produces a line of etrog liqueur with his wife, Marni. But he is particularly passionate about the Los Angeles Community Eruv, a project he has been directing for the past two decades. With the future of the eruv in danger, Witkin is taking action to try and save it before it’s too late.

“In 14 years, we have been down three weeks,” Witkin noted, referring to the temporary misalignment of the structure that encloses a designated area. Faced with a $90,000 deficit, the eruv is now at risk of being out of commission for a much longer period.

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Council Members Introduce Bill That Would Allow NY’ers To Identify Themselves As Multiracial

via Twitter

via Twitter

New York City residents would be able to identify themselves as belonging to more than one race on city documents under legislation that was to be introduced in the City Council on Tuesday.

“We just wanted to bring New York City into the 21st century,” explained Councilwoman Margaret Chin, a Manhattan Democrat who is the measure’s lead sponsor. “This will allow New Yorkers to identify their heritage and be proud of it. They shouldn’t have to only check one box.” Read more »

Would Be First Female Pentagon Chief Drops Out Of Race To Replace Hagel

Michele_Flournoy_official_portrait(AP). A top contender to replace Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon is taking herself out of consideration for the job.

People familiar with the process say Michelle Flournoy has told President Barack Obama she is not interested in the post. Flournoy would have been the first woman to run the Pentagon. Read more »

European Union Delays Palestine Vote to Ensure Consensus on Wording

EU LogoThe European Union has delayed its plan to conduct a vote on whether to recognize Palestine for three weeks, as EU lawmakers still need to come to agreement on the exact wording of the bill.

Various aspects of a recognition of Palestine will be discuss on Wednesday in Strasbourg, France, with the EU’s new foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini expected to be in attendance.

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JP Business: Boro Park’s Werner Becomes 2014′s Top NYC Real Estate Buyer

Photo: CoStar Group Inc.

Photo: CoStar Group Inc.

Low-profile Brooklyn-based real estate investor David Werner has become the biggest purchaser of real estate in New York City in 2014 as of late November.

Werner bought two office towers in Manhattan for a combined total of $2.37 billion. He bought 5 Times Square — the headquarters of accounting firm Ernst & Young LLP — for approximately $1.5 billion and the Socony Mobil Building for roughly $900 million. The Times Square Tower sale was the biggest such deal since Google paid $1.8 billion for its building at 111 Eighth Avenue.

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Minority Council Members Protest Ferguson Verdict During Council Meeting [Video]

ferguson protest NYC councilA group of City Council members protested the verdict reached in the Michael Brown case on Monday, by disrupting a Council meeting Tuesday afternoon, chanting “black lives matter” during a roll call at the beginning of a stated meeting at the Council chambers.

The group, led by Councilman Andy King (D-Bronx), co-chair of the Black, Latino and Asian Caucus, marched out of the chambers and walked down to the Council’s rotunda, yelling, “We are the New York City Council, representatives of a majority minority city to proclaim in solidarity that black lives matter.” Read more »

Congressional Leaders to Push For New Iran Sanctions As Talks Extended

Courtesy of Vice

Courtesy of Vice

In the immediate aftermath of Secretary of State John Kerry’s announcement that negotiations between Iran and the West to reach a nuclear accord ended in failure, congressional leaders are planning to take their own action against Iran in a legislative effort to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons.

According to Kerry, talks between the United States and Iran will start again as early as December and continue through July 2015 as the sides seek to overcome the seemingly impossible hurdle stemming from Tehran’s demands that it be allowed to retain the most controversial aspects of its nuclear activity.

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Sen. Schumer: Obamacare Led To Democrats’ Loss In Midterms



(AP). The Senate Democrats’ top message man is urging the party leftward in the wake of crushing midterm election losses, saying working Americans want a robust government that will promote education access, labor bargaining rights, progressive taxes and more.

At a Washington news conference, New York Democratic Sen. Schumer said his party erred five years ago by putting health care reform ahead of economic priorities. Read more »

Greenfield: There Needs To Be More Affordable Housing

greenfield affordableThe City Council is committed to do better than the de Blasio administration in providing more communities throughout the City of New York their fair share in providing affordable housing, Council Member David Greenfield said on Tuesday.

“There needs to be more affordability. The old mode of 80/20 is, frankly, dead,” Greenfield told reporters at City Hall. “We are looking at a new work model where there’s a mandatory zoning requirement, in which you have to build affordability, and you have to build more affordability.” Read more »

Rabbis & Imams Meet in Washington to Promote Interfaith Understanding

imam rabbisSeriously concerned about the dangerously high tensions between Jews and Muslims in Israel, 60 imams and rabbis came together on Sunday in the nation’s capital to devise concrete and practical plans to bridge the gulf between their faith communities. The organizers of the “2014 Summit of Washington Area Imams and Rabbis” hope that this will be the first of many similar gatherings of Jewish and Muslim clergy in cities across the United States.

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Poll: 69% of Americans Support Netanyahu’s Terms On Iran Deal

bibi bombAs many as 69% of Americans are opposed to a possible deal with Iran that would allow the ayatollahs to maintain nuclear weapons capabilities, in contrast to the Obama administration’s view of prevention, according to a new survey by American political strategist Frank Luntz, The Times of Israel exclusively reported.

The survey conducted by Luntz on behalf of The Israel Project and Stand With Us were completed on Sunday, and shared with Times of Israel a day after US-led talks with Iran were extended until July,1, 2015.  Read more »

Britain to Repeat Review of Arms Exports to Israel



Britain has decided to perform a second review of its arms export licenses to Israel to ensure that military equipment could not be used in a way that would breach international law, the government announced on Monday.

The British government has already conducted one review of this nature, in August, in a reaction to Israel’s extended conflict with Hamas in Gaza. Following that review, England said it would suspend 12 licenses to export military items to Israel if fighting resumed.

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NY State to Decide Mid-December on Casino Licenses

casinoResidents of New York will have to wait until at least Dec. 17th before they know where the state intends to locate casinos.

State Gaming Commission Executive Director Robert Williams stated on Monday that he expects the Gaming Facility Location Board to hold its next and final meeting on Dec. 17th in Albany. The meeting is expected to include a decision on which of the 16 casino bidders will be granted licenses.

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