New York Mayor Bill de Blasio meets with firefighters at the scene where four buildings collapsed in New York 0

De Blasio Says Possibility Gas Line ‘Inappropriately’ Tapped Before E. Village Blast

Updated: 13 hours ago

(Reuters). Workers may have “inappropriately” tapped into a gas line before a devastating explosion that destroyed buildings, injured 22 people and left at least two people

Photo Credit: Randee Daddona 0

House GOP Members Seek to Defund Obama Talks with Iran

Updated: 14 hours ago

The only Jewish Republican in Congress, Lee Zeldin (NY), along with Rep. Peter Roskam are calling on leaders of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State Department

Ed Miliband 0

Britain’s Labour Launches Election Campaign After TV Clash

Updated: 15 hours ago

(AFP) – Opposition leader Ed Miliband launched his campaign Friday to defeat Prime Minister David Cameron in upcoming general elections after primetime television interviews in which

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg 0

Jewish or Progressive? The Fight to Replace Harry Reid

Updated: 15 hours ago

With Senate Minority leader Harry Reid announcing his retirement on Friday, a new fight for the next leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate has

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif walks with others after a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry and other US officials at the Beau Rivage Palace Hotel 0

Iran, Six Powers Demand Mutual Concessions in Tense Nuclear Talks

Updated: 15 hours ago

(Reuters). Major powers and Iran were pushing each other for concessions on Friday ahead of an end-March deadline for a preliminary nuclear deal, with Tehran demanding an immediate

Philip Hammond 0

UK’s Foreign Secretary to Join Iran Talks this Weekend

Updated: 15 hours ago

(AFP). In the latest sign a nuclear deal between world powers and Iran is imminent, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Friday he was ready to join

Harry Reid AIPAC 0

Jewish Organizations Praise Sen. Reid Upon His Departure

Updated: 16 hours ago

Following the news that Senate’s Minority Leader Harry Reid won’t seek reelection after his current term ends, Jewish organizations rushed to heap praise on the retiring

Gaza border 0

US Welcomes Israel Release of Palestinian Tax Revenue

Posted: 16 hours ago

(Reuters). The United States welcomed Israel’s decision on Friday to release frozen tax revenue to the Palestinian Authority, three months after freezing the payments to protest unilateral Palestinian moves towards

Lena Dunham Jewish 0

Lena Dunham Writes Offensive Article Titled ‘Dog or Jewish Boyfriend?’

Updated: 16 hours ago

Taking humor to the next level, or just outright offensive and anti-Semitic? Famed TV star Lena Dunham has written an article that appeared in the New

Deutsch 0

In Memory of Sassoon Children, Councilman Deutsch Hosts Fire Safety Training

Posted: 16 hours ago

Councilman Chaim Deutsch took the initiative to host a community fire safety training this week, following the death of seven Sassoon children, who perished in a


PHOTOS: JP Forum Hosts 2nd Forum on Counterterrorism and National Security Issues

Updated: 17 hours ago

Jewish Political Updates hosted on Wednesday its second community forum, in a series of bimonthly meetings on Jewish-related issues.  The discussion forum took place at the

French Foreign Minister Fabius chairs a United Nations Security Council meeting on the Crisis in the Middle East in his capacity as the current President of the Council at U.N. headquarters in New York 0

France to Push Israeli-Palestinian Resolution in ‘Coming Weeks’

Updated: 17 hours ago

(Reuters). France plans to start discussions with partners in the “coming weeks” on a United Nations Security Council resolution to lay out the parameters for ending the Middle Eastconflict, French Foreign

silver heastie 0

In Post-Silver Era, No Shabbos Break in Albany Budget Negotiations

Updated: 18 hours ago

One of the indications that Albany has passed beyond the Shelly Silver era will clock in on Friday at sundown, when Assembly Democrats will be staying through

West Bank Wall 0

After Elections, Israel Resumes Tax Revenue Transfers to Palestinian Authority

Updated: 18 hours ago

The Israeli Prime Minister’s bureau announced on Friday that Israel will release hundreds of millions of Shekels in tax revenue that it has been holding from

Ruben Ubiles Mezuzah 0

Williamsburg Mezuzah Burner Sentenced to 11 Years in Jail

Posted: 19 hours ago

Ruben Ubiles, who was acquitted of burning 11 Mezuzahs in a Williamsburg apartment, has been handed down an 11-year prison sentence on Wednesday. The 36-year-old Ubiles was seen entering

Fighter Jets 0

Russian Air Controllers Charged For Polish Presidential Jet Disaster

Updated: 19 hours ago

(AFP). Pilot error was to blame for the 2010 crash of a Polish presidential jet in Russia, but two Russian air traffic controllers also triggered the disaster

Andreas Lubitz runs the Airportrace half marathon in Hamburg 0

Germanwings Co-pilot ‘Hid Sick Leave Note For Crash Day’

Updated: 20 hours ago

(AFP). The co-pilot thought to have deliberately crashed his Germanwings jet into the French Alps, killing all 150 aboard, kept secret the fact that he was

manhattan fire 3 0

Two Missing in East Village Blast; 5 Firefighters Injured

Updated: 21 hours ago

(Reuters/JP). Four apartment buildings in New York’s East Village neighborhood caught fire from an apparent gas explosion on Thursday and three collapsed, causing 25 injuries, and at

maxresdefault 0

Woman Charged With Scamming Boston Bombing Victims Fund

Updated: 21 hours ago

(Reuters). A Boston woman has been indicted with fraudulently obtaining $8,000 from the fund set up for victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, and thousands

oil 0

Oil Prices Surge as Yemen Crisis Escalates

Updated: 21 hours ago

(AFP) – Oil prices surged Thursday after Saudi Arabian jets struck rebel targets in Yemen, sparking fears that an escalating crisis in the country could threaten

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