China Offers Up To $50K In Cash For Terror Tips In Tibet

China Flag(AP). Chinese authorities are offering up to 300,000 yuan ($50,000) for tips on terrorism activities in the Himalayan region of Tibet, the official Xinhua News Agency said Saturday.

China’s recent efforts to fight terrorism has largely involved the neighboring region of Xinjiang, where violent attacks blamed on Muslim separatists have left hundreds of people dead in the past two years. Read more »

Netanyahu Claims Media Distorted Facts About Bottlegate

netanyahu family menorahIsraeli Prime Minister and his wife, Benjamin and Sarah Netanyahu, were under attack this past weekend due to the Bottle Recycling Affair, after a report in Haaretz claimed Sarah kept thousands of shekels from deposits on bottle recycling in the Prime Minister’s residence.

In the background lay recriminations and accusations between the Attorney General and the State Comptroller regarding the legal treatment of the subject. The prime minister, for his part, argued that this is a media campaign against him. Read more »







Israeli Troops Shoot Dead Palestinian Who Hurled Firebomb

palestinian riot(AP). The Israeli military says troops have shot a pair of Palestinians who were throwing firebombs at Israeli vehicles in the West Bank. Palestinian officials say one of them, 18-year-old Ahmad Najar, was killed and another was lightly wounded.

The military says troops fired toward the lower extremities of the firebomb hurlers and that Saturday’s incident was being investigated. The incident took place in the northern West Bank, near Nablus, on a road that serves Jewish settlers in the area. Read more »

Netanyahu Sends Letter Of Condolence To Japanese PM Shinzo Abe

AP Photo

AP Photo

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday sent a letter of condolence to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over the brutal murder of a second Japanese hostage by the Islamic State group.

“Accept my sincere condolences over the tragic death of Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa,” Netanyahu wrote.

Read more »







Jordan Renews Swap Offer To Free Pilot Held By Islamic State



(AP). Jordan renewed an offer Sunday to swap an al-Qaida prisoner for a fighter pilot held captive by the Islamic State group, a day after a video purportedly showed the militants beheading a Japanese hostage.

The fates of the pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, and Japanese journalist Kenji Goto previously had been linked. The video of the beheading made no mention of the pilot, raising fears for the lieutenant’s life. Read more »

Report: Assassination Of Imad Mughniyeh Was Joint CIA-Israel Operation

imad mugniyahIn a scene right out of a spy novel, Imad Mughniyeh was touched by the long arm of Israeli justice, and killed by a bomb in his car parked on a street in Damascus, on February 12, 2008. It has long been know that this was a Mossad operation of the first order. It has recently been revealed that the CIA took part in the implementation and that it included approval from The White House and George W. Bush.

The US helped build the bomb and had CIA spotters on the ground in Damascus following Mughniyeh as he left a restaurant and got into the SUV. Read more »







Obama Condemns Beheading Of Japanese Journalist By IS

AP Photo

AP Photo

(AP). President Barack Obama is calling the slaying of a Japanese journalist by an Islamic State militant a “heinous murder” and declaring that the United States stands in solidarity with the Japanese people in denouncing a “barbaric act.”

An online video released Saturday purports to show the beheading of journalist Kenji Goto. The White House says that while it isn’t confirming the authenticity of the video itself, it has confirmed that Goto has been slain. Read more »

California – UC Davis Fraternity Spray-Painted With Swastikas

us davis swastikaThe Davis Police Department says they are investigating swastikas spray-painted on a Jewish fraternity house at UC Davis in California on Saturday as a hate crime.

Two red swastikas were found painted on Alpha Epsilon Pi’s house, an off-campus fraternity at UC Davis, police said. Police believe the vandalism happened at some point between 2 am and 9:50 am. Read more »

Poll: 70% Of Americans Believe Obama Has Been Too Easy On Iran



As many as 70 percent of American voters believe President Barack Obama has been too easy on Iran, while only 7 percent think he has been too tough on the ayatollahs, according to a new Fox News poll released Thursday.

Only 14 percent think the president was about right in his dealing with Iran during the negotiations over their nuclear program. Read more »

Netanyahu Asks Top Dems To Ease Criticism Over Upcoming Speech

Reid SchumerIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been reaching out to leading Capitol Hill Democrats to try to ease criticism over his coming address to Congress, but has made little progress.

Senate Minority Leader, Senator Harry Reid said Thursday that Netanyahu had called him Wednesday afternoon to explain why the White House had been circumvented before he was invited to speak before Congress. Read more »

Netanyahu Stars In New Likud Web Ad: ‘The Bibi-sitter’

bibisitterAfter coming under fire for violating campaign regulations by using children in a political ad, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a new campaign video on Saturday that portrays him as a baby sitter.

The video features a young couple that are about to leave for a night out when the baby-sitter knocks at the door. “You asked for a babysitter? You got a Bibi-sitter,” Netanyahu is shown saying. Read more »

Sheldon Silver Resigned As Assembly Speaker On Friday

Sheldon Silver(AP). New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver announced his resignation as two lawmakers jockeyed for his position Friday following federal charges that the longtime leader took nearly $4 million in kickbacks.

The Manhattan Democrat filed a letter with the clerk of the Assembly making his resignation effective as of 11:59 p.m. Monday, spokesman Michael Whyland said. Read more »

Likud Charges Zionist Union is Behind Foreign-Funded Campaign Against Netanyahu

herzogThe Likud Party is charging the left has turned to foreign funding in an attempt to buy an election victory, after it was reported that a former Obama campaign strategist has joined a movement aimed at replacing Netanyahu as Prime Minister with millions of dollars of outside funding.

V15, an organization dedicated to bringing political change in the upcoming election, has partnered with OneVoice Israel, which works with Israelis and Palestinians to pressure their political leadership to bring about a two-state solution based on pre-1967 lines. Read more »

Mayor De Blasio Says He Has Moved Past Police Crisis

Courtesy of Breaking911

Courtesy of Breaking911

(AP). Weeks removed from an open revolt from his own police force that had officers turning their backs on him, Mayor Bill de Blasio now declares he has moved past the rift, striking a tenuous truce with a strategy to stay above the fray and public opinion that eventually soured on the cops’ behavior.

While he acknowledged much work remains to repair the hard feelings over the chokehold death of Eric Garner, de Blasio told The Associated Press he has regained the footing to move on to other matters, including an agenda he plans to outline in next week’s State of the City address. Read more »

Former German President Richard Von Weizsaecker Dies At 94



(AP). Former German President Richard von Weizsaecker, who declared Germany’s World War II surrender a “day of liberation” for his country as he urged it to confront the Nazi past, and promoted reconciliation during a tenure spanning the reunification of west and east, has died. He was 94.

Weizsaecker died in Berlin overnight, President Joachim Gauck’s office said Saturday. Weizsaecker, a patrician and eloquent figure who was president from 1984 to 1994, raised the profile of the largely ceremonial presidency and established himself as a moral conscience for the nation. Read more »

Anti-Semitic Group Plans Rally Against The ‘Jewification’ Of Britain In Stamford Hill

liberate-stamford-hill-2-1-384x400An anti-Semitic group is planning a rally in March against the “Jewification of Great Britain” in North London’s largest ultra-Orthodox neighborhood – Stamford Hill.The announcement, posted on Twitter, was accompanied by anti-Semitic images and slogans.

The rally, set for March 22, is organized by a group called “Liberate Stamford Hill”, aiming a district with the highest concentration of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Europe. Read more »

ISIS Releases Video Showing Beheading Of 2nd Japanese Hostage

Kenji Goto Jogo, Haruna Yukawa(AP). An online video released Saturday night purported to show an Islamic State group militant beheading Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, ending days of negotiaions to save the man and heightening fears for the life a Jordanian fighter pilot also held hostage.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed outrage at the video that was released on militant websites. Read more »

Rep. Nadler Calls On GOP, Israel To Mitigate Damage Done By Boehner’s ‘Reprehensible Act’

nadlerWalking a fine line between toeing the Democratic party line and his support for Israel, especially with regards to Iran, Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) on Friday criticized House Speaker John Boehner for undermining the bipartisan US-Israel relationship by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address the Congress without consulting with the WH. Read more »

Pelosi Suggests Netanyahu Should Swap Congress Speech With Sunday Talk Shows

pelosi netanyahu(AP). House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is still peeved over Republicans’ decision to ask the leader of Israel — an archenemy of Iran — to address Congress in March right in the middle of delicate negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear program.

Asked Friday if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be well-advised to speak out in favor of heavier sanctions on Iran somewhere other than a joint meeting of Congress, Pelosi said “the opportunities are great,” and noted that the Israeli leader often appears on Sunday talk shows in the U.S. Read more »

Shocking Report: Obama Has Agreed To 80% Of Iran’s Demands During Nuke Talks



President Barack Obama’s negotiators have conceded to as much as 80 percent of Iran’s demands in the P5+1 negotiations over their nuclear program, Israel’s Channel 10 quoted Israeli officials on Friday.

According to the unnamed officials, the Obama administration “has given the Iranians 80 percent of what they want” out of the negotiations. Read more »

ADL Praises NJ State Senate For Adopting Resolution Against Antisemitism

ADL no place for hateThe Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on Friday praised the New Jersey State Senate for introducing a resolution condemning the global surge in anti-Semitism, which was unanimously approved today by the Senate committee.

ADL submitted testimony to the State Senate in Trenton, underscoring the significant timing of this legislative initiative, particularly in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris and sobering figures on global anti-Semitism. Read more »

Israel Issues 450 West Bank Building Tenders

Israel settlements(AP). Israel’s settlement watchdog group said Friday that the government has issued hundreds of tenders for housing units in the West Bank, an area the Palestinians demand for their future state, a move that comes several weeks before Israel’s national election.

Peace Now said on Friday that 450 tenders have been issued. Read more »

Nasrallah Warns Israel: Hezbollah Won’t Tolerate More Air Strikes



(AP). The leader of the militant Hezbollah group said Friday that this week’s deadly cross-border attack on Israeli soldiers was a message that it will no longer tolerate any Israeli attacks against its members.

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah told thousands of supporters in south Beirut that Hezbollah does not fear war and is ready if Israel provokes further violence. Read more »

Democrats React to Koch’s $889 Million Donation To GOP for 2016 Elections

05963230-afa9-11e3-8787-d7e40bfa09ff_koch_brothersThe reaction of Democrats from the news that the billionaire Koch brothers are planning to donate $889 million to the GOP for the 2016 presidential elections, has ranged from shoulder shrugs to utter outrage.

It is expected that outside groups and campaign committees favoring the Democratic Party will be heavily increasing their attacks on the Koch brothers heading into the next election, possibly the most highly anticipated one yet.

Read more »

NY Assembly Speaker’s Race: Majority Leader Morelle Bows Out, Backs Heastie

joe morelleAssembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle has decided to drop out of the race for speaker of the NY State Assembly and is throwing his support behind Bronx Assemblyman Carl Heastie, as first reported by this reporter.

“Over the past several days Assemblyman Heastie and I have discussed at length how to advance the best interests of the citizens of our state by making the New York Assembly more inclusive and member-driven,” Morelle said in a statement Friday morning. Read more »

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