French Interior Minister Tells Jewish Community: I Love Jews, I Am Your Friend

Bernard_CazeneuveIn a somewhat unprecedented manner by a French politician, France’s interior minister boasted last week about the “affection” and “friendship” he feels for the French Jewish community, according to a report by JTA.

“I feel more close to you than you can imagine, close to you. Also in my heart, through ties of affection and friendship and sentiment, but also — and this is almost more important to me — through spirit, through a great admiration,” Bernard Cazeneuve said during a speech at a gala in Paris organized by the French Jewish Radio J station. Read more »

British Board Of Deputies Refuses To Accept Wigan Athletic Owner’s ‘Half-Hearted’ Apology

Dave Whelan Wigan Athletic OwnerThe Board of Deputies of British Jews has rejected Dave Whelan’s “half-hearted apology” for his remarks to the Guardian over Jewish people, labelling his latest comments as “outrageous and offensive,” The Guardian reported Friday.

The Wigan Athletic owner and chairman, who appointed Malky Mackay as the club’s new manager on Wednesday, had been accused of antisemitism after he said “Jewish people chase money more than everybody else.” Read more »







Kerry Phones Netanyahu, Says ‘Serious Gaps’ Still Remain In Talks With Iran



(AP). U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is warning of “serious gaps” in the talks about a nuclear deal with Iran, and if major differences persist the possibility of extending past Monday’s deadline is seeming more likely.

Discussions on going past that deadline have not begun between Iran and the U.S. — the lead players in negotiations that formally group six world powers on one side of the negotiating table and the Islamic Republic on the other. Read more »

AIPAC Awaiting New GOP Congress Before Weighing In on Deadline-Driven Iran Nuke Talks

obama aipacAs the United States and other nations negotiate until the last minute to reach a nuclear accord with Iran, the primary pro-Israel lobby in Washington has been surprisingly quiet on the issue. Israel deeply distrusts the attempt to finalize a deal at talks in Austria that would remove strict international sanctions on Iran in return for limits to its nuclear program, aimed at preventing it from developing an atomic bomb.

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Assemblyman Goldfeder to Cuomo: Use State Funds to Restore Rockaway Rail Line

phil goldfederIn the wake of a just-completed Queens College Department of Urban Studies comprehensive study for the reactivation of the Rockaway Beach Rail Line, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder has increased his efforts in that regard, asking New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo to channel a portion of the $5 billion in state funds from the budget surplus, formed by settlements and fines from major financial firms, to restore the abandoned rail line.

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NYC Council Speaker Mark-Viveriro: Immigration Reform ‘Not Just A Latino Issue’

MMV MasbiaMany progressives, Democrats and Latinos across America celebrated President Barack Obama’s announcement of the immediate executive action he will be taking in order to find relief to the many undocumented immigrants. But to one progressive leader, the actions announced are just one of many reforms needed to reform the broken immigration system; and not just aimed to satisfy one community. And it all started under her watch in the City of New York. Read more »







BREAKING: Two Orthodox Men Attacked On Way to Jerusalem Yeshiva

mount of olivesIn another likely manifestation of increased Arab violence, two men in their twenties were wounded in Jerusalem on Friday, when a group of Orthodox Jews on their way to the Beit Orot yeshiva – which is housed on the Mount of Olives – was suddenly attacked.

Magen David Adom paramedics rushed to the scene to tend to the injured men, a 24-year-old who had stab wounds to his upper body, and a 21-year-old with bruises to his head, the apparent result of a beating with a metal bar.

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Ready For Hillary Donors & Clinton Associates Hold All-Day Gathering

Hillary Clinton Coloring BookThe stage is definitely being set for a 2016 White House campaign by presumed Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, even though she has not officially declared her candidacy yet.

Influential Clinton associates, leading officials from pro-Clinton political action committees and even a few central staffers from the team that helped get President Obama elected in 2008 and 2012 were planning to come together in New York on Friday to meet with several hundred donors affiliated with the Ready for Hillary super-PAC.

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East Ramapo Orthodox Leaders: State Watchdog’s Power Over School Board Would Remove Voters’ Rights

Cuomo meeting Jewish leaders on Tuesday in brieifing on Israel trip

Cuomo meeting Jewish leaders on Tuesday in brieifing on Israel trip

A state-imposed supervisor who would have the power to override East Ramapo school board decisions would effectively disenfranchise voters, Orthodox Jewish leaders in the upstate New York community contended after this week’s release of fiscal monitor Hank Greenberg’s critical report on the district.

Greenberg’s overseer would challenge the Orthodox community’s right to elect board members who fight for their economic viability and support special-education financing and busing for non-public school children, they charged.

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Temple Mount-Rooted Tensions May Scuttle $15B Israeli Gas Deal With Jordan

Jordan KingThe political repercussions from the latest escalation of tensions between Israel and the Palestinians is threatening to break a $15 billion gas deal between the Jewish state and Jordan.

Earlier this month, Jordan took the unprecedented action of recalling its ambassador after Israeli security forces went into Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque – situated on the Temple Mount, site of the ancient Jewish Temple – to quell protesters angered over what they believed were actions to end a longstanding agreement prohibiting Jewish prayer at the site.

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Yemen’s Culture Minister Gives Award To Persecuted Jews

yemen jewish community 2(AP). Yemen’s culture minister, who was recently honored for her work combatting extremism and discrimination against women, says she is giving her award to Yemen’s dwindling Jewish population.

Arwa Othman won Human Rights Watch’s Alison Des Forges Award in September. At a Thursday celebration in Sanaa, Othman called for “tolerance” and dedicated her award to “brothers and friends from the Jewish community.” Read more »

Bloomingburg Jewish Community Calls BOE Decision To Toss Hasidic Vote ‘Anti-Jewish’

bloomingburg #4On Thursday, the Sullivan County Board of Elections tossed out 62 of 69 Hasidic voter registration challenges that were filed by proponents of the village of Bloomingburg dissolution.

The voters whose registrations were rejected were all of the incoming Hasidic Jewish community, who were opposed to the plan put forth in a referendum to dissolve Bloomingburg into the Town of Mamakating. Read more »

Kerry Pulls Back From Iran Talks In Vienna Four Days Before Deadline



(AP). U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry decided Friday to pull back from nuclear talks in Vienna, leaving Iran’s foreign minister to ponder an apparent new proposal from Washington meant to bridge differences standing in the way of a deal with less than four days to deadline.

Iranian officials and media initially said Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was also departing Friday, to Tehran to consult after meeting with Kerry earlier in the day. Read more »

2016: Webb’s Israel Record Already Called Into Question

via youtube

via youtube

As Jim Webb, a former Democratic U.S. Senator from Virginia, becomes the first candidate to launch a committee to explore running for president in 2016, his Israel record is already being put into question.

According to Morrie Amitay, former executive director of AIPAC, Webb’s Israel record “has to be the worst” he’s ever seen “in 40 plus years following Congress.” Read more »

Borough Park – $28K Worth Of Jewelry Stolen In Two Burglaries Within An Hour

jewelry robbery boro parkPolice are investigating two separate burglaries, in which valuable jewelry were stolen from both locations within an hour. It is unknown at this time if one person is responsible for both thefts, NYPD officials told JP.

In both incidents, the victim’s reported the the burglar entered their respective apartments through a window and taking off with valuable jewelry.

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IDF Forces Disperse Hundreds Of Violent Demonstrators In Hebron

palestinian riot(AP). The Israeli military says it has dispersed some 300 stone-throwing Palestinian demonstrators in the West Bank city of Hebron without injuries or arrests.

Friday’s clash came amid roiling tensions in the area, mostly over Palestinian claims that Israel wants to change the status quo at a contested Jerusalem holy site by allowing Jewish prayer there. Read more »

Albert Einstein Letter To New York Businessman Sells For $12,500

einstein(JNS). A letter written in 1939 by Albert Einstein, the renowned Jewish scientist and father of the theory of relativity, has been sold for $12,500 Thursday at Nate D. Sanders Auctions.

In the letter, Einstein thanks New York businessman Isidore Zelniker for helping Jews who fled Nazi-occupied Europe. Read more »

UK: Wigan Athletic Owner Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Comments

Dave Whelan Wigan Athletic OwnerThe owner of the Wigan Athletic football club in England has apologized for anti-Semitic comments he made stereotyping Jews as cheap people.

Dave Whelan, the 77-year-old with nearly 20 years as owner, said that he saw nothing wrong with a text sent by Malky Mackay, who he recently appointed as the club’s manager. The text read “Nothing like a Jew that sees money slipping through his fingers.” Read more »

Senate to Work Longer Under GOP Control Next Year

111th_US_Senate_class_photo(AP) — Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is sending a stern signal to senators used to long weekends and frequent vacations: The Senate is going to work longer hours under GOP control next year.

The chamber hasn’t held votes on a Friday all year, but it will do so next year. Vacations will be less frequent and the venerated August recess will only last four weeks instead of five. Read more »

90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Recounts her Story

Ester Bauer holocaustEsther Bauer, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor travels the country to recount her story of survival and what life under the Nazi regime was like.

Bauer returned to the Cleveland State Community College on Wednesday, where she repeated her story to the students, and on Tuesday night she spoke on the campus of East Tennessee State University. Read more »

Synagogue Terror Attack Sees UNSC Condemnation, Amb Prosor Says It’s A Shame

massacre jerusalemIn a rare move, the United Nations Security Council condemned the terrorist attack in a Jerusalem synagogue, during morning prayers, that killed five people, calling it ‘despicable.’

In a statement to the press, the members of the Council strongly condemned all such acts of violence, and expressed concern about increased tensions, “which have affected both the Israeli and Palestinian people, and urged all sides to take immediate steps to restore calm.” Read more »

Obama Spurns GOP With Expansive Immigration Orders

460x(AP) — Spurning furious Republicans, President Barack Obama unveiled expansive executive actions on immigration Thursday night to spare nearly 5 million people in the U.S. illegally from deportation and refocus enforcement efforts on “felons, not families.”

The moves, affecting mostly parents and young people, marked the most sweeping changes to the nation’s fractured immigration laws in nearly three decades and set off a fierce fight with Republicans over the limits of presidential powers. Read more »

Watch Live: President Obama Addresses the Nation on Immigration Policy

Israel Retracts Accident Claim that Wounded Three IDF Soldiers, Calls it Terror Attack

IDF checkpoint car attack terrorIsrael has retracted a claim that the hit-and-run that injured three IDF soldiers was an accident. On Wednesday the IDF together with Israel’s Security Agency (Shin Bet) stated that the it was a terror attack.

Israel named the driver as 23-year-old Hamam Masalma. The Shin Bet said that the driver was a Hamas member from the Hebron area. Read more »

UK: Prince Charles Said Ready to Reshape Monarchy With Political Interventions

Prince Charles UKAllies of England’s Prince Charles claim that he is ready to reshape the role of the monarchy when he becomes king and make “heartfelt interventions” in national life, in notable contrast to the Queen’s subtle attitude toward public affairs.

Indicating an emerging strategy that could risk extending the controversy about his alleged tendency to mix into politics into his kingship, knowledgeable sources say he is likely to continue to express concerns about issues of import to him, such as the future of farming and the environment.

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