Daily Archives: 12/01/2009

My Thoughts on the Speech

Minutes ago, a friend of mine sent me an IM saying “Obama finished strong.” I asked him to read what I wrote earlier today. Namely, that the speech is irrelevant to the facts on the ground, and therefore I will not even listen to it.

So it was. I didn’t listen to it, and I am sure I didn’t miss anything. The Left will probably say that this is “one of the best speeches.” Those on the Right will say otherwise. I am saying what I said in the morning: it makes NO difference on the ground. All what matters is America’s will to defeat the enemy once and for all. Anything beyond that is just political claptrap.


The Afghanistan Speech

Later today, President Obama will lay out to the American people his plans for Afghanistan.

Much is being made of the words Obama will or will not use, i.e. if he will use the term “exit strategy,” etc. The fact however is that his speeches become more irrelevant by the day in the face of new facts. For example, does anyone, besides a few pundits, remember what the President did or didn’t say months ago in his Health Care speech to Congress? Does anyone remember what Obama said a week after the Ft. Hood Shootings?

The answer is no. More than most people do not remember. Instead, what counts and will count, are the successes on the ground. Therefore, listening to the speech might be a waste of time. Instead, I will continue to follow the news from Afghanistan. I hope that on this front, President Obama does not fail. However, I don’t have much confidence that his plan to add troops on a slow pace will do the job.

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