Give me my Blanket…

By now you sure have heard of the new airline regulation which prohibits people from standing in the aisle; using the bathroom; and to be covered with a blanket during the last 60 minutes of a flight’s route.

This comes in result of the attempted attack on the NWA flight, where a 23 year-old went to the bathroom in the last hour of the flight to prepare his explosive device, then when he was back at his seat, covered himself with a blanket to conceal that he is igniting a device.

This new regulation is crazy to the least, psychotic to its worst. Because God-forbid if a terrorist does try doing the same thing in the future, he will do his shtick 90 minutes before landing, instead of 40 minutes before. So what exactly was gained by this new rule?

Furthermore, if someone will try it three hours before landing, will we altogether prohibit blankets from being on planes? Or… will airlines lock and remove all the restrooms and replace them with a few more passenger seats?

Implementing these rules, gives the impression that the ability of terrorists carrying out attacks in mid-flight has to do with blankets and bathrooms, and not that authorities ignore the real problem. Namely, that more than most terrorists’ acts are carried out by young men from middle eastern countries, and/or with Muslim names.

Instead of taking away my blanket or prohibiting me from using the John, authorities should focus 80% of their work on the usual suspects rather than driving crazy all of America.

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