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Did Obama Ever Stump for Gabby?

You goto love how the Leftist Dems, such as Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Senator Gillibrand who politically can’t stand Blue Dog Democrats, are now the biggest champs of their newly-found friend “Gabby,” the Blue Dog Democrat who was one of nineteen to vote against Pelosi being Speaker.

With the left so busy with their love for Gabby, I am wondering how many times – if at all – Obama campaigned personally for Gabby during her tough re-election campaign, and how much monetary support Schultz and Gillibrand gave for their Gabby during the last election cycle.

I am only asking…


Sorry Libs. Obama Actually Relapsed Post-Tucson

Rasmussen’s Presidential Approval Index (PAI) of today Sunday is -14, which means there are fourteen percent more people who strongly disapprove of Obama’s work than those who strongly approve of the President’s work. Today’s numbers are based on polling of the last three days, i.e., the three days following the Tucson speech of Wednesday evening.

Obama’s  minus fourteen percent in today’s ( Sunday) Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index is worse than yesterday’s -12, following Friday’s -13. The last PAI number based on pre-Tucson speech surveys was Thursday’s -11. This shows that Obama is actually doing worse following his speech. In the four days following the shooting yet before speech, Obama’s PAI went back and forth between minus- twelve, thirteen, to minus- thirteen, twelve. This is interesting considering that in the final two pre-shooting numbers of more than a week ago, Obama got a minus eleven.

Bottom Line: The shooting, as of today Sunday has not enhanced Obama’s numbers; not even by a dime. It in fact relapsed, according to Rasmussen.

Yesterday I listed here many polls that show the public does not agree with media and Lib talking points surrounding the shooting.

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