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Oops CNN. You Forgot Bush…

CNN is out with a new poll (January 18) that 53% approve of President Obama’s work.

In its report regarding this poll, CNN writes that “Obama’s 53 percent approval rating at the start of his third year in office is six points better than Bill Clinton’s at the same time in his presidency and 16 points better than Ronald Reagan’s figure in January of 1983.” CNN however forgets to mention that Obama’s 53% is five points lower than the 58% approval rating that President George W. Bush had approximately the same time of his presidency in a CNN Poll released mid January 2003.

Sure CNN ‘forgot’ about Bush because mentioning it would undermine the narrative that Obama is better and more powerful than his predecessors. (If CNN wants to amend the report, so be it. But I already have a screen shot of their partisan report.)

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