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Sunday Afternoon Jewish Political Update 10/2/11

 A Rabbi Michael Knopf from Pennsylvania rips into Republicans for cheering death when Rick Perry was asked about his state’ execution rate a few weeks ago. Rabbi Knopf points to a line in the Torah that calls for Jews to choose Life over Death, as many secular Libs – who favor late term abortion – challenge pro life Republicans to oppose the death penalty. But this argument is inaccurate because from the Torah we see that in order to survive, one can resort to killing such as in war or as a self defense, if such action is needed to survive. As such, the death penalty is Kosher from the Torah’s point of view because you eliminate danger from the world. However, it is the way today’s Justice System places people on the path to death that is likely not acceptable according to the Torah. But this of course is not the debate here.


I never knew Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart was brought up by Jewish parents. His parents, between others, gave him a bar mitzvah ceremony. This is what he claims in a speech at the RJC.


Despite the fact that many Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic Jews are heavily involved in national politics, few of them are seen at events of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) or at events hosted by the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC). I actually sent the following memo to both committees hoping to hear what they say:

“Why are so few Orthodox Jews/Hasidim seen at your events? Does your committee fail to reach into all sects of the Jewish Community? If yes, why?

In the mean, I noticed that the NJDC following on Twitter is at 1,771, while the RJC – who btw has a more user friendly and updated website – has a following is at 4,657.


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