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Monday Jewish Political Update 10/10/11

What is the NY Assembly Speaker Orthodox Sheldon Silver Doing in Hasidic Williamsburg, Brooklyn? Well, he visited the Shatnes Lab on Lee Ave. to check if his new suit has a mixture of both wool and linen, which is called “Shatnes,” and according to the Torah is forbidden to wear. Apparently, Silver leads a simple life style, affording only two new suits a year, which he checks for Shatnes. Indeed, some living in the Shatnes Lab area buy one suit once in two years, but for someone of Silver’s stature and income, it is surprising that he goes by with a new piece only once before Pesach (Passover) and the other before the Jewish New Year. And Yes: This time around (and maybe other times too) he drove by himself to the Lab. No chauffeur!


Some Romney Endorsements May be Relevant to Jewish Voters: Staten Island Congressman Republican Michael Grimm endorsed today Mitt Romney for the Republican Presidential Primary. Grimm had many Orthodox Jewish backers when he ran for congress in 2010. Separately, former Florida Senator, Republican Mel Martinez is also backing Romney. I am not sure how many Jewish Floridians will be moved by Martinez, but he likely has a contact list of Jewish donors that he will try schlepping to Romney.


If Hermann Cain Was a Jew at the Warsaw Uprising: The interview of Hermann Cain by MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell is now infamous. Between others O’Donnell asked Cain, “Where do you think Blacks would be sitting today if Rosa Parks would have followed your father’s advice” of Cain age 18 in 1963 not to get in trouble? O’Donnell is basically blaming Cain for not doing at age 18-20 what Rosa Parks did at age 42; which is 1) crazy just by looking at the age difference between the two and 2) disgusting to blame an oppressed minority teenager for not taking of the shackles placed on him by others. It’s akin to grill someone who was age 18 at the time of the Warsaw Uprising for (following his father’s orders and) keeping out of trouble.


“The 2012 Race Will Be Partisan, Bitter, and Personal” say Senator Joseph Lieberman: COLLive Reports that Lieberman at the Annual Gershon Jacobson Lecture said he “does not share the anxiety about candidates’ open professions of faith…Jews get nervous, remembering that such discussions are often a precursor to bad times, but… Keep in mind the extraordinary history of religious freedom, tolerance and acceptance, and the constitutional framework that protects us.” He warned the 2012 campaign “will be partisan, bitter, and personal.” Clearly stating that he was “not endorsing any candidate,” he noted that, should one of the two Mormon candidates in the Republican be nominated, “it will break a barrier – the first time a Mormon will be running. I hope the Jewish community is in the lead to make sure they are judged in the American way – based on qualities and not based on their faith.”


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