Republicans Not Bowing to ADL’s Call for Bipartisanship on Israel

The National Jewish Democratic Council in a post complains that “GOP’ers Refuse to sign Unity Pledge on Israel.” The long story is that the Anti Defamation League is circulating a letter asking 2012 candidates to pledge to keep Israel from becoming a partisan issue.

Some Jewish Republicans, including over at the Republican Jewish Coalition are against this publish, and indeed so: ADL leader Abe Foxman is nowhere to be found when Left talking heads and Dem politicos say anti-Jewish things, yet the ADL is the first to attack any Republicans or Conservative that may do the same. As such, ADL’s above the fray unity request is seen as a partisan tactic to silence Obama critics on an issue where the President is clearly weak.

10/30/2011 10:35 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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