Jewish “Occupy” Protesters Can’t Cover for OWS Anti-Semitism

The Jewish Star has a story of Jews participating in the “Occupy” movement and that they deny charges of anti-Semitism among the Occupy crowds. But… just because Jewish Kapos worked for the Nazis, does not mean Hitler’s machine was Kosher! In fact, the destructive policies accepted by Communists came from… Karl Marx, born to Jewish parents, yet few (observant) Jews yearn for a Leftist, Communists

The sad fact is, that many anti-Jewish outbursts and blatant anti-Semitism was seen and heard at Occupy Wall Street specifically, and at the Occupy movement overall. No, this does not mean that all Democrats who back this movement are anti-Jewish. But yes. It does mean that this movement shall be taken with some concern by members of the Jewish community, regardless the amount of Jews who joined this happy go-lucky, get-food-for-free movement.

10/31/2011 12:49 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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