VP Biden’s New Son-in-Law is a Jewish Doctor

Forward asks, “What is it about the daughters of Democratic politicians and Jewish men? Former Vice President Al Gore’s daughter Karenna married Andrew Schiff, who is descended from a long line of German Jews. Bill and Hillary Clinton’s only daughter, Chelsea, married Philadelphian Jew Marc Mezvinsky in a ceremony presided over by a rabbi. Now, Vice President Joe Biden let it slip that his daughter Ashley has become engaged to Dr. Howard Krein, a Jewish otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor) at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia.

“Krein grew up in Cherry Hill, N.J., before attending Rutgers University,  followed by Thomas Jefferson Medical College. He is part of a multi-physician  practice that is attached to Jefferson Hospital. For those unfamiliar with  Jefferson, their otolaryngology department is ranked nationally as the best by  US News & World Report. Double board certified in facial plastic and  reconstructive surgery, Krein is co-director of the Herbert Kean Center for  Facial Aesthetics. He is also an assistant professor at the medical school  there.

“As if it weren’t enough, Krein also finds time to fulfill the role of chief  medical officer at Organized Wisdom Health, a venture founded by his Internet  entrepreneur brother Steven. Organized Wisdom helps doctors set up digital  offices. Former Time Warner President Gerald Levin is on the board of directors  of the company while Internet guru Esther Dyson serves on the board of  advisers.

In his spare time, Krein volunteers for the International Hospital for  Children. Last year on a mission in Belize for the organization, he met teenager  Luigi Troches, who could hardly breathe due to a rare tumor in his nasal cavity.  Krein paved the way for his operation at Jefferson and then operated on the boy  for 6 hours to remove the tumor.”

11/02/2011 12:43 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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