Video: Anti-American, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israeli Charles Barron Announces House Run in Hasidic Brooklyn District

NYC Councilman Charles Barron has a long record of making anti-Jewish and Anti-Israeli statements. On Sunday he announced he is running for NY’s 10th Congressional District which is now held by Democrat Ed Towns and encompasses the Hasidic strong-hold of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Among other things, Barron said at the announcement, “I don’t care what they say: I am still not saluting the flag… I am not going to be afraid to speak out against Israel… we are going to say ‘you should have never bombed Libya; you should have never murdered Qaddafi’… we are going to stand up for Robert Mugabe. He is an African hero, taking land back from White people who stole the land from us in the first place…”

Here is a video of the event made available by The Brooklyn Politics:

11/28/2011 12:28 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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