Video: Online NYC Sellers Agreed to Make Illegal Gun Sales

Andrea Stone at Huff Post Reports: A New York City undercover investigation heralded as the first of its kind has found a “vast and largely unregulated market for illegal guns” on the Internet, and the worst offender is a website that has gotten mixed up with the law before: Craigslist.

In the report released Wednesday, entitled, “Point, Click, Fire: An Investigation of Illegal Online Gun Sales,” investigators found that sellers on Craigslist agreed 82 percent of the time to sell guns to a purchaser who admitted they probably couldn’t pass a background check. Not that anyone is supposed to be selling guns on Craigslist. The website, which depends on self-policing, claims to ban firearms sales yet thousands of guns were found listed for sale there, according to the report.

In contrast, investigators were unable to find a single firearm for sale on eBay, which prohibited gun sales in 1999 and “appears to effectively enforce its policy” by removing weapons listed for sale and threatening to restrict or suspend accounts that violate the rules.

12/14/2011 2:25 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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