Houston’s First Jewish City Councilwoman Sworn-In

When asked what encouraged her decision to run for Houston City Council, Ellen Cohen confidently smiles. Looking back on the past year, starting with her consideration of running for District C representative and ending with her being sworn in to office, on Jan. 3, Cohen reiterates her goals for this coming term, citing her constituents as the most important aspect of her new job.

“It’s nice to know that when you bump into someone at the grocery store, they tell you something, and it’s quite possible you might be able to have an effect on their lives in a short period of time,” Cohen told the JHV.

Cohen, no stranger to working for and helping the citizens of Texas, served in the Texas House of Representatives for two terms, representing District 134. A proven leader within the Houston community, Cohen moved from Montreal in 1977, soon stepping into the honored position of executive director for the American Jewish Committee, serving for 10 years. No stranger to advocacy, human relations or diligently working for a common cause, Cohen then served as CEO and president of the Houston Area Women’s Center, an organization dedicated to preventing domestic violence.

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01/05/2012 10:35 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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