Upstate Congresswoman Hayworth Gives Weekly GOP Address

MHN Neports: Congresswoman Nan Hayworth (R-NY19) delivered the Weekly Republican Address to the nation on Saturday calling on the Democrat-controlled Senate to take action on jobs bills already approved in the Republican House of Representatives.

Hayworth said the leaders in Washington “should have no higher priority this year than getting our economy back to creating jobs” and she said the foundation is already in place.

“Right now, there are nearly 30 jobs bills passed by the House with support from both Republicans and Democrats that are awaiting action in the Democratic-controlled Senate. The Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators is designed to empower small businesses and get government out of their way,” she said. “One vote is all each of these bills needs to get to the president’s desk, and it’s disappointing the Senate hasn’t acted.”

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01/07/2012 9:10 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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