Exclusive Interview: Assemblyman Lancman Won’t Shun Obama in a Turner House Challenge

“If the seat still exists and the district looks something like it looks now… then this is something I will be interested in doing.”

So says Queens Assemblyman Rory Lancman (D) in an exclusive GestetnerUpdates.Com interview regarding a potential run against Congressman Bob Turner (R- NY9) this year. The Assemblyman however made it very clear that redistricting is key and in the mean time he is focused on the legislative agenda in Albany. Among them, Mr. Lancman is pushing a bill that will protect workers safety at the work place.

Lancman says if he indeed runs for Congress he will run on his record of accomplishments in the Assembly since early 2007, and by no means will he shun the President: “I will support the guy who gave the order to Kill Osama Bin Laden; the guy who ended the Iraq war; the guy who is ending the war in Afghanistan. That’s my view on national level issues.” But the ambitious Assemblyman says, “If I have the good fortune to run for Congress, I will be talking of my record in the Assembly and what I would want to do in Congress.”

01/10/2012 12:05 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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