Report: Congressman Ackerman May Lose Seat in Redistricting

Foreward Reports: As New York draws new congressional lines, Gary Ackerman, an influential House  voice on Middle East issues, is at risk of losing his seat to redistricting.

New York’s byzantine redistricting process is months away from completion.  What is clear is that before New Yorkers go to the polls in November, the state  will have two fewer seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. And scuttlebutt  among political operatives has Ackerman’s seat on the short list of those that  are threatened.

New York Democratic political strategist Hank Sheinkopf wasn’t making any  predictions, but he said that Ackerman’s district is “a logical place” for a  congressional seat to be eliminated. He said that Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s Long  Island district is alternatively at risk. Sheinkopf and others pointed to  crowding among Long Island congressional districts and to Ackerman’s relative  lack of clout in local Democratic politics.

Observers say Ackerman could end up fighting with newly elected Republican  Rep. Bob Turner, who last fall won the seat long held by Anthony Weiner.

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01/10/2012 9:49 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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