Report: Republican in Kruger State Senate Fight Raised $70K; Loans Self $50K

Sources close to Republican David Storobin’s campaign tell Politicker that the candidate has loaned himself $50,000 and raised a healthy $70,000 from donors so far in his quest to replace former State Senator Carl Kruger. Mr. Kruger resigned before pleading guilty to federal corruption charges less than a month ago, setting up the current vacancy. Mr. Storobin is running his first campaign for elected office and started raising less than three weeks ago, making his fundraising tally a notable haul.

The Democratic candidate in this race will be Councilman Lew Fidler, who’s no fundraising slouch either. Councilman Fidler has also been raising money for this race for some time, giving him a big head start in campaign cash. Last July, long before Mr. Kruger’s fate was sealed, he reported raising over $330,000, a huge sum for a state legislative race.

01/15/2012 2:04 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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