Star Ledger Editors: Christie’s Self-Praise on Jobs ‘Mostly Bunk’

NJSL Editor Write: when Christie presents himself as the guy who’s turning around the state’s job market, it’s mostly bunk. Claiming that he deserves kudos for the roughly 60,000 private sector jobs added since his first full month in office is a political stage performance.

Former governors admit there’s actually very little they could have done over four years to improve the job market. It’s unrealistic of voters to expect that kind of wand-waving. Under any governor, Democrat or Republican, New Jersey’s economy has always tended to track the national trends.

At the same time, Christie does deserve some credit. He got a grip on New Jersey’s ballooning public sector workforce, which, over the past decade, had grown disproportionately while the private job market remained stagnant. That balance had to be righted.

01/15/2012 5:33 PM by Guest Author

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