Bloomberg’s NYC Jobless Rate at 9%

NYT Reports: the latest report on jobs and unemployment in New York, released on Thursday, tells a different story. According to the State Labor Department, New York City’s unemployment rate edged up to 9 percent in December, from 8.9 percent in November, compared to a national rate that dropped to 8.5 percent from 8.7 percent.

In 2011, the private sector in the city added just 38,900 jobs, a growth rate of only 1.2 percent. (Making matters worse, the number of government jobs shrank by about 2,300 during the year.) By contrast, the number of private-sector jobs in the country as a whole rose at a rate of 1.8 percent, or one and a half times the pace of the city’s growth.

  1. Piychblacknyc

    Any body got any fiquires about January 2012 Ny state unemployment rate!! NYC at 9%…
    what about Ny states over all Unemployment rate as of Feb 6th 2012. Was 8% did it go up,and by how much!!

  2. Pitchblacknyc

    Its now Feb 5th 2012. Do you know what Ny States overall Unemployment rate is?? NYC edged up to 9% in Dec 2011.What is it for January??

  3. Pitchblacknyc

    Since NYC Unemployment rate went up in Dec 2011 to 9% and the Rest of the State is at 8%,does that mean NY will get the final 6 weeks of UI…to round off 99 weeks!! I had heard that Nyc 9% pushed ny states overall rate to 8.5 % which is ny states trigger for EB EUC BENEfits!! is this true?? Up from the current 93 week max!!

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