Video: Send Gingrich to the Moon

01/28/2012 11:40 PM Updated: 3 years ago

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How the Jews Handled Prohibition

01/28/2012 11:06 PM Updated: 3 years ago

NYT: Prohibition presented a dilemma. “Should Jews insist on ‘special rights’ for the sake of their own historical continuity, or break with the past for the sake


Video of Lame Gingrich Ad Against Romney’s Voting Record

01/28/2012 11:03 PM Updated: 3 years ago

US Bloggers Blamed for ‘Jewish Conspiracy’

01/28/2012 10:35 PM

JPost Reports: The scandal-plagued bloggers at the US think tank Center for American Progress (CAP) were blamed for triggering last week an outbreak of anti-Israel and


Removing a U.S. Senator’s Skull

01/28/2012 10:16 PM

Sun Times Reports: After visiting U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk on Saturday, a Democratic colleague, Joe Manchin, noted that Kirk was “getting more irritated at being in


Here We Go Again…

01/28/2012 10:07 PM

Forward Reports: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas blamed Israel for the failure  of the latest round of exploratory peace talks in Amman on Saturday. Abbas made


Jewish Campaign Events for GOP12 Taking Place in FL in Lead-Up to Vote

01/28/2012 7:55 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Capital J Reports: Ahead of Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America – the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization –


Congressman Turner Has Only $70K In The Bank

01/28/2012 7:21 PM

Colin Campbell at Politicker Reports: Recently elected GOP Congressman Bob Turner reported a relatively modest campaign haul today, showing just $76,000 raised with $71,000 cash on hand


Opinion: Gingrich Gets Behind Israel, but Fails to Impress Florida’s Jewish Voters After Friday Event

01/28/2012 7:15 PM

Chris MacGreal Writes: Newt Gingrich threw it all out there: the contentious claim that the Palestinians are a made-up people, Iran threatening a second Holocaust, Israel


Major Jewish Donor to Congressman Grimm Under FBI Investigation

01/28/2012 7:10 PM

NYT Reports: Soon after he began running for Congress in 2009, Michael G. Grimm, a Staten Island Republican, needed to convince party leaders in Washington that

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