Guess Who is Running Against Congresswoman Hayworth (NY19)

Duane Jackson

AP Reports: A Times Square street vendor who alerted police to an attempted car bombing in 2010 said Tuesday that he is running for Congress.

Duane Jackson said his brush with terrorism and celebrity taught him that it made sense to get involved.

“It was kind of an epiphany for me,” he said. “I had a call from President (Barack) Obama. I had people from all over the world come and thank me for, you know, seeing something and saying something. I can tell people, especially young people and people in the minority communities, it’s OK to get involved in the running of this country.”

The 59-year-old Jackson is seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Nan Hayworth in his home district north of New York City.

A Navy veteran, Jackson said he has 15 years of experience in city planning and housing, including posts with New York City’s education and housing departments. He sees his years as a vendor as “small-business experience.”

02/07/2012 1:29 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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