Exclusive: Israeli Foreign Minister Visits Grave Site of Ribnitz Rabbi in Upstate NY

Avigdor Lieberman the Israeli Foreign Minister visited today Wednesday night the grave site of the late Ribnitz Rabbi in Rockland County NY.

The Rabbi originated from Russia where he had a name of a leader who showed wonders. The Rabbi passed away more than a decade ago after residing many years in the local Hasidic Community of Monsey. Lieberman is Russian-born and he fulfilled now a long-standing wish to visit the Rabbi’s grave site.

Lieberman was accompanied by his son, for the twelve minute visit at the grave site. A detail of heavily armed security officers accompanied him as well, security in the area of the cemetery was extremely tight during the visit, even the local officials were kept at a distance.

The local Town of Ramapo Police Department who was informed days ago of tonight’s visit, provided a highly protective yet low-key security escort.

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02/08/2012 10:12 PM by Mark Hirshberg

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