Obama is Pro-Israel After All

Stewart Ain Writes: President Barack Obama discredited the Goldstone Report critical of the way the Israeli military fought a war against Hamas in Gaza in December 2008.

He supported a United Nations resolution Israel accepted regarding the Jewish state’s handling of the Gaza flotilla in 2010; he made a middle-of-the-night phone call last year to get Egyptian authorities to rescue Israeli Embassy employees trapped by an angry mob; he provided Israel with two loan guarantees totaling $5.78 billion; he gave Israeli products what amounts to most favored nation status in the face of calls for a boycott of Israeli goods; and he enhanced Israel’s missile defense.

Despite all of that, more than three years into his presidency there is still a lingering perception among some Jews — particularly single-issue, pro-Israel voters who tend to be Republican — that Obama is anti-Israel.

02/08/2012 2:14 PM by Guest Author

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