Slandering Hasidim with Impunity

In regards to a book written by a former Hasidic Woman, I can only say it is sad that lost souls reserve to inaccuracies and to blatant lies against Hasidic life just for publicity or perhaps resentment.

The true shame however is that reporters don’t bother hearing from or reporting about ‘the other side’ of a story before rushing out with a slanderous article against Hasidim.

No, I will not name names since I have professional relationships with the Journalistic world and I don’t seek to attack anyone personally. However, the sad fact is that of the few groups in the U.S. that media and press can slander, lie and mislead about (or permit others to do so via media/press platforms) with no backlash or course correction, are Ultra Orthodox/Hasidim and their way of life!

Yes, I do think that when reporting a story about an eight year old being spat at in Israel; or the ‘segregated’ buses in Brooklyn or when interviewing former Hasidim, all without the proper context or even a quote from someone on the other side, is indeed slander. Sadly, many of these reports are pushed by journalists and editors who are themselves Jewish yet resent those who are more Observant, all while the Hasidim don’t hate the less observant Jews; the two sides just keep apart in family life because of the differences in standards that both adehere to on a general basis.

02/08/2012 12:05 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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