Brooklyn GOP Thinks Storobin Will Win Due to Orthodox Jewish Vote

Politicker Reports: Only about a month after it began, the race between Mr. Storobin and Mr. Fidler is quickly shaping up to be one of the city’s most intense political battles with insults and accusations flying back and forth. The Brooklyn GOP believes Mr. Storobin can emerge victorious because of the district’s large Orthodox Jewish and Russian populations.

“The dynamics of the community that the 27th District includes, you have the Orthodox Jews, a large Russian community. You have to think about these things,” Brooklyn Young Republicans Vice President Eugene Pevzner said. “You can’t just write that off.”

Russell Gallo, President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans and a District Leader in Southern Brooklyn, said the impact of the Russian community on this race has been underestimated because Russian immigrants in the area haven’t always registered to vote.

“I do think they’re underrepresented voter enrollment-wise and the Democrats know what’s coming when it comes to this,” Mr. Gallo said. “When they register, to vote and they get politically involved, they’re leaning Republican.”

Brooklyn GOP volunteers are focusing their efforts on registering Russian immigrants.

“There is a hunger there to be politically active and politically motivated, mainly because they come from a culture where they were discouraged from any type of participation,” Mr. Berardelli said. “Now that they’re here, they want to exercise their rights and they’re coming out in droves.”

The Kings County Republicans believe Mr. Storobin’s Russian heritage will help him appeal to that community.

“A lot of the older Russian people, not even necessarily older, but who immigrated here, you know, they see this young successful man, they seem him as their son,” Mr. Pevzner said. “He came to this country, he worked hard, went to school, got an education, became a successful attorney. They see the work ethic and they really think that, if he gets elected, he can take that to Albany.”

02/15/2012 10:45 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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