Brooklyn GOP Thinks Storobin Will Win Due to Orthodox Jewish Vote

Politicker Reports: Only about a month after it began, the race between Mr. Storobin and Mr. Fidler is quickly shaping up to be one of the city’s most intense political battles with insults and accusations flying back and forth. The Brooklyn GOP believes Mr. Storobin can emerge victorious because of the district’s large Orthodox Jewish and Russian populations.

“The dynamics of the community that the 27th District includes, you have the Orthodox Jews, a large Russian community. You have to think about these things,” Brooklyn Young Republicans Vice President Eugene Pevzner said. “You can’t just write that off.”

Russell Gallo, President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans and a District Leader in Southern Brooklyn, said the impact of the Russian community on this race has been underestimated because Russian immigrants in the area haven’t always registered to vote.

“I do think they’re underrepresented voter enrollment-wise and the Democrats know what’s coming when it comes to this,” Mr. Gallo said. “When they register, to vote and they get politically involved, they’re leaning Republican.”

Brooklyn GOP volunteers are focusing their efforts on registering Russian immigrants.

“There is a hunger there to be politically active and politically motivated, mainly because they come from a culture where they were discouraged from any type of participation,” Mr. Berardelli said. “Now that they’re here, they want to exercise their rights and they’re coming out in droves.”

The Kings County Republicans believe Mr. Storobin’s Russian heritage will help him appeal to that community.

“A lot of the older Russian people, not even necessarily older, but who immigrated here, you know, they see this young successful man, they seem him as their son,” Mr. Pevzner said. “He came to this country, he worked hard, went to school, got an education, became a successful attorney. They see the work ethic and they really think that, if he gets elected, he can take that to Albany.”

  1. Republican Wag

    “The Kings County Organization-type Republicans” behind the pitch posted in “Politicker” and quoted here are not sufficiently familiar with the Orthodox Jewish and Russian communities in the 27th senate district to have anything meaningful to say. Specifically look at how the Russian and Orthodox Jewish communities are described by two of the “The Kings County Organization-type Republicans” spokesmen and you can sense how they view those communities as different from what they think are other Republican-voting parts of Brooklyn.

    First, as to the Orthodox Jewish voters in the senate district, these three (3) Republicans don’t realize that such voters are for the most part socially conservative Democrats, who only occasionally vote Republican ), but who need a very good reason to do it (and that they almost never vote Republican down the ticket – for example, Mr. Berardelli’s previous abysmal showing against Mr. Fidler in the last race for City Council when Mayor Bloomberg was winning on the Republican line). These fellows don’t seem to understand that this is far from a simple repeat of the Turner-Weprin race. Unlike Weprin, Lew Fidler is not an outsider to the communities inthe 27th S.D.; he has been a NYC Councilman elected by many of them. In that elected position, Mr. Fidler has been a key man in providing necessary funding for organizations throughout the Orthodox communities inside and outside his NYC Council District (and the 27th senate district). On the other hand, David Storobin and these Republicans are virtual unknowns throughout most of the Orthodox Jewish Community. Thus, if he is to succeed, it’s up to candidate David Storobin to elevate the debate in the Orthodox community to one of moral, social, and theological necessity. Nobody associated with “The Kings County Organization-type Republicans” or any of the spokesmen quoted above can do that. To the contrary, organization Republicans, like Gallo and Berardelli, have actively opposed and isolated Mr. Storobin’s most active Republican supporter throughout the Orthodox communities in Midwood, SouthFlatbush/Marine Park and Kings Bay, Joseph Hayon. To drive home the same point “The Kings County Organization-type Republicans” have repeatedly tried to marginalize Republican Avi Rosenberg, now active as Storobin’s campaign coordinator focusing on Orthodox Jewish voters, even when he was a Republican candidate for the very same seat.

    “The Kings County Organization-type Republicans” are little better represented among the recent immigrant population of the Russian-American communities in Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach. Apart from David Storobin, himself, and his own local faction of younger Russian Republicans, the faction of the Republican Party represented by the men quoted above, have very few bodies living in the district who are actively supporting Mr. Storobin (several notable Republicans are supporting Mr Fidler or sitting out from the race). In fact, during the last three years blogs associated with “The Kings County Organization-type Republicans” had repeatedly attacked David Storobin, until by his own efforts, he forced the party to accept him as the strongest new Republican active in the area including the 27th senate district. That is why, to date, there continues to be grumbling at Storobin headquarters over the tepid and grudging support coming from the organization-type Republicans, like Gallo and Berardelli, in spite of all that David Storobin has done for the party over the last three years.

    • Colonial Gardener's Wag

      It’s interesting to hear that former Democratic State Senate candidate James McCall, the same anonymous commenter who has blogged against Republican candidate after Republican candidate while in his own failed recent run for office tried to get the transgender vote in a Borough Park district, while kissing up to some of the most liberal Democratic district leaders in recent memory post the same old, anti-Republican agenda.

      It’s good to know though Jim is working for the party he attempted to represent in the State Senate, how did that work out again, for ya?

      Also can McCall a spokesman for longtime Democratic sympathizer anti-Republican district leader Lucretia Regina Potter address the comments that she has used her position to stand idle for Republican candidate after Republican candidate while endorsing Democratic candidates in recent elections?

      Maybe that’s why her former co-leader hit the bricks and moved far away from the Bensonhurst cabal and it’s rudderless anti-Jewish, anti-Asian regime.

      If the likes of Lucretia Regina Potter and James McCall are about helping the Republican party than they should help the Republican candidate win a crucial senate seat, David Storobin at his office.

      However we all know Jim and Lucretia are above helping Republicans, since they are really Democats although hearing Lucretia’s voice or having her knock on a few doors would probably warrant the calling of the police and cost David Storobin the election.

      Last but not least it’s good to know she and former Democratic state senate candidate Jim McCall are throwing stones, which is probably better then all there runs for political campaigns combined.

      • Republican Wag

        A very important comment was made “The Brooklyn Republican Whip” on “Politicker” in response to a post by Hunter Walker similar to the one above concerning the same outlandish Brooklyn GOP claims made by the same Brooklyn GOP interviewees, Gallo, Berardelli and Pevzner, concerning the Brooklyn GOP Organization’s support for David Storobin:

        “Since the interview with Gallo, Berardelli, and Pevzner in the article above, a stunning report has emerged about the Brooklyn GOP regime of Craig Eaton and it’s relationship to the David Storobin campaign. In spite of the strong personal endorsement of Mr. Eaton which appeared in Gene Berardelli’s Brooklyn GOP Radio blog on January 10th, it’s been reported by Gatemouth that “… a top member of the Brooklyn GOP [stated] pointblank that the GOP thought it had no chance to beat Fidler with Storobin, but were going to spend a lot of money on the race to soften Fidler up for November [2012], by which time the district lines would be redrawn to their advantage. [The GOP wants] to tear Fidler down and hold him below 60%. [Gatemouth’s GOP source said further] It’s going to be a mudfest….” [From "Room 8 - New York Politics" on 2-16-12 by Gatemouth in "Gatemouth Calls Bull----"]. That might explain a lot of what’s happened and not happened in the Storobin Campaign vis a vis the Brooklyn GOP “Organization” under Eaton and operated by Berardelli and Gallo. It also might explain why Storobin’s GOP handlers have kept him off of substantive issues, like family values, and on the personal attack material that has dominated this campaign .”

        “The Brooklyn Republican Whip” followed that up with this later comment:

        “I have personally confirmed that there was a ‘a top member of the Brooklyn GOP’ who did make the statement above to Gatemouth on January 13th. When I specifically confronted that ‘top member of the Brooklyn GOP’, he or she said that at least two or three other Brooklyn GOP leaders could have made the statement — then he or she specifically mentioned ‘Craig Eaton’ by name. Could the other two have been Russell Gallo and Gene Berardelli?????”

        • Morgue File Researcher

          This is very similar to an item that appeared a month ago as a comment to a January 16, 2012 article by Daniel Bush in the “Courier Life’s – Brooklyn Daily” : “GOP: Let’s turn southern Brooklyn red!”…/2012/3/all_storobinswings_2012_01_20_bk.html

          Take special note of this comment by “Martin from Brooklyn” which is fully repeated here, as follows:

          “Martin from Brooklyn says:
          Rumor has it that issues that were raised in Senator Marty Golden’s office and pushed by several members of his staff have further fractured the already broken Brooklyn GOP.

          As evidence I submit an email that has made its rounds by being forwarded to several GOP insiders. The orginal author would shock and scare most GOPers in BKLYN. The sentiment of the following text is not an isolated one I can assure you.

          Let’s see what happens next…

          email text:

          Gotta be honest, I don’t see the point anymore in going all out for anyone anymore. It’s clear that they’re about aiding and helping Democrats and keeping their shrinking positions which they will eventually lose. I would help specific ADs that’s about it. The Brooklyn GOP within 10 years will be Manhattan and the Bronx, but that’s the way they want it.
          [ ] Jan. 16, 1:05 pm

    • Fact Finder

      I would like to know where have the likes of James McCall, and Jonathan Judge been regarding the David Storobin race.

      Judge who was spotted recently at a pro-Lew Fidler event, and McCall who regularly anonymously oops comments into thin air on some very liberal blogs against Storobin, he should channel some of that thin air.

      McCall who has long posted years worth of anti-Republican, anti-Conservative, anti-Family values agenda.

      When he himself took the endorsements of some very anti-Republican, anti-Conservative, and anti-Family values Democrat district leaders.

      When it comes to tepid, grudging, and grumblings the likes of Jim McCall, Jonathan Judge, and Lucretia Regina Potter are the masters and rulers of there own world.

      • Republican Wag

        Could you give any examples of the “years worth of anti-Republican, anti-Conservative, anti-family values agenda” that this “McCall” has allegedly “long posted” ?????

  2. thestorobiner

    Who is Benjamin Schaffer the heckler at the David Storobin press conference? Who does he work for?

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