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Video: Christie Defends Again Call to Lower Flags Half-Mast for Houston


CBS: Adelson to Spend Another $10M on Gingrich

CBS Reports: Billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson plans to give another $10 million to the outside group backing the former Georgia lawmaker who is running behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, a source close to Adelson told CBS News.

Adleson and his family have already given $11 million to “Winning our Future,” the super PAC backing Gingrich. The group, which bombarded the airwaves in South Carolina last month ahead of the primary there, is largely credited with helping Gingrich win in the Palmetto state.


Jack Lew, Jarrod Bernstein Meet Jewish Leaders at JCRC

Jack Lew, the Orthodox Jewish Chief of Staff to President Obama, and Jarrod Bernstein the President’s Jewish Liaison are meeting today Friday morning with NY Jewish Leaders. The meeting is hosted by the JCRC.

Lew was asked why President Obama is against the release of Johnathan Pollard. Lew answered that Pollard’s crimes were serious and he does not sympathise with those acts. However, he will try to look into this in the near future.


Great Grandson of Jew-Hating Hitler Admirer Announce U.S. House Run

Joseph P. Kenney III, the great-grandson of the late U.S. Ambassador to England in the 1930′s Joseph P. Kennedy who is documented to have been a Hitler-admiring Jew-Hating Democrat, announced a run to the U.S. House of Representative in Massachusetts. Kennedy is the grandson of Robert Kennedy who while serving as U.S. Attorney General in the Administration of his brother JFK, consented that the FBI should wiretap the communications of the Black Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King.

The young Kennedy was born eleven years after his Great-Uncle the late Senator Ted Kennedy – who in a 1980′s letter offered to help the Russians to overcome President Reagan – left a woman to die in a river after driving off an overpass/bridge while he was drunk.


Gingrich Speaks to Asian American and Jewish Groups in L.A.

Boston Herals Reports: Newt Gingrich made his pitch Thursday to two distinctly different groups along Wilshire: Asian American business leaders in Koreatown, and Jewish voters who paid to lunch and pose for photos with the former House speaker in an Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills… Read more »


“They are Picking on the Wrong Marine”

SILive Reports: With allegations of questionable business dealings and illegal fund-raising swirling around him, Rep. Michael Grimm (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn) told the Advance that he is the victim of a political witch hunt aimed at knee-capping his re-election bid this year. Read more »


Muslim Bros Threatens to Review Treaty With Israel

NYT: The Islamist party that leads the new Egyptian Parliament is threatening to review the 1979 peace treaty with Israel if the United States cuts off aid to the country over a crackdown on American-backed nonprofit groups here.

The pact is considered a linchpin of regional stability, and the statements, from at least two senior leaders of the party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, represent the first time that Egyptians have explicitly raised it during an escalating standoff over the crackdown. Read more »

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