Great Grandson of Jew-Hating Hitler Admirer Announce U.S. House Run

Joseph P. Kenney III, the great-grandson of the late U.S. Ambassador to England in the 1930’s Joseph P. Kennedy who is documented to have been a Hitler-admiring Jew-Hating Democrat, announced a run to the U.S. House of Representative in Massachusetts. Kennedy is the grandson of Robert Kennedy who while serving as U.S. Attorney General in the Administration of his brother JFK, consented that the FBI should wiretap the communications of the Black Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King.

The young Kennedy was born eleven years after his Great-Uncle the late Senator┬áTed Kennedy – who in a 1980’s letter offered to help the Russians to overcome President Reagan – left a woman to die in a river after driving off an overpass/bridge while he was drunk.

02/17/2012 3:03 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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