GOOD! Right-Wing Bloggers Speak of Modesty as if They are Hasidim!

At a time when modesty rules of the Hasidic way of life is under attack from disgruntled members in the community, it is encouraging that non-Jewish Americans who live the American life as they wish and please, understand and ‘get’ that there is need for modesty in some settings and as some events.

Here are some quotes reported in a Politico story of (known) Conservative bloggers who attacked fellow Conservatives for attending CPAC in less-than-modest attire:

“Too many treat CPAC like spring break. More than a few of the twenty and thirty somethings who go to CPAC seem to treat it like an extension of their college days doing their best to hook up before passing out. It is not every young man, but there are many. They risk dragging the whole affair down to some bawdy, rowdy distraction.” – Erick Erickson, Editor in Chief, Red State.

“If, at the number one conservative conference of the year, young men and women are looking and acting like the cast of Jersey Shore, it’s time to reset the compass.” – Melissa Clouthier.

I’m a happily married woman, and even when I was single I always tried to dress in a way that would not embarrass myself or my parents. – The Lonely Conservative.

“You are a Catholic, try actually dressing like one… One thing I will give to the Jewish people and to the Muslim people; at least they are sincere about what they believe and actually act like it.” Thoughts and Rantings.

02/19/2012 4:58 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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