Obama‘s Faith Advisory Council Has ’Gone Dark’

From The Blaze: At a time during which Obama could desperately use the support of faith leaders, it seems his council of religious advisers, much like his relations with Catholic leaders, has gone, as Politico notes, “dark.” While his initial weeks in office offered people of faith the promise that he would be in-tune with their needs, it seems the structure of religious leadership he had setup and assembled with great fanfare has since dwindled and gone unused. Politico has more:

The president’s first Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships delivered a 163-page report in March 2010 and then disbanded. The second council has waited more than a year for a full slate of appointees and has yet to meet. And the hottest issue — whether religious groups that receive public money can discriminate in hiring — remains unresolved more than three years after Obama promised to address it.

02/28/2012 2:08 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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