Hasidic Janitor’s Release-Without-Bail Reported as Rabbi Facing 15 Years in Prison

Two weeks ago, the Orthodox-Jewish head-Janitor of Pupa Shul in Williamsburg, Brooklyn was arrested on charges that he illegally sold cigarettes and that he had in his possession a stamp to certify boxes as if they were taxed. He was released within 24 hours and without any bail. However, from reading some reports, you went away with a total different story.

For example, the initial report was headlined as Holy Smokes. Rabbi in Cig-Tax Bust. The report reads that a ‘Brooklyn Rabbi… could land 15 years behind bars’ for the above offenses. Oddly, the reporters claim the person to be 26 years of age, when in fact he is 45. Being off by 21 years on the age is chump change of a mistake in an era when Janitors are elevated to rabbinical statues for sensational purposes. A report from a different news agency went a step further crowning the person in question as “a leader of the Pupa Hasidic sect.”

Neither of the reports mentioned a word of bail or for how long the Janitor-crowned-Rabbi was held under arrest. No need to wonder why this was omitted, because if it were reported that he was released the same day and without bail, few readers would believe that the person is facing anything close to fifteen years in prison.

  1. You are absolutely right, the media is overly excited whenever a Jew, especially a Hasidic Jew, gets arrested. Whether he is a plumber or a stock broker, the headlines will always be, Rabbi busted!, etc.

  2. moishy rosennerg

    Yossi keep up Ur good work…

  3. you are 100% right as usual, keep it up!

  4. Is a Shamesh a Janitor?

    I think the Shamushim should come out protesting against Yossi for humiliating them.

    I agree he is not a Real Rabbi. But he is also not a janitor.

    • Well, who changes the mikva; washes the towels; and much more Janitor work when the regular Janitor does not show up? The Shames! Does a Shames do other stuff too lake collecting change with the Pishka? Yes indeed. This is a panhandler; not a Rabbi

  5. The issue is that although chasidim wear lavish as a cultural thing, like a uniform, in the mainstream culture they see it as “Rabbi’s clothes”. That’s what makes it such a chilul Hashem. I hate when bucherim go to the theater, casino’s, or anywhere else wearing their heimisha lavish because the non-Jewish/non-frum world sees us all as “Rabbis”.

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