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VIDEO: You Can Post a Cross at Your Door But NOT a Mezuzah!


FREEDOM OF RELIGION: Connecticut Condo Owner Told to Remove Mezuzah

Fox News Reports: A Connecticut condominium owner has been told by the  complex’s management association that she must remove a Jewish religious symbol  or face fines, advocates told

Barbara Cadranel, an internationally-renown  harpsichordist living in Stratford, Conn., contacted the Connecticut Regional  Office of the Anti-Defamation League earlier this month to report that she had  been told by the California Condo Association to remove the mezuzah — a small  object inscribed with Hebrew verses from the Torah placed on the doorpost of a  Jewish family’s home — or face fines of $50 per day, according to ADL’s  Connecticut Regional Director Gary Jones. Read more »


PolitiFact: Pascrell’s Claim Regarding Rothman’s Position on Auto Bailout is Half True

PolitiFact Reports: The campaign of U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell charges that U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman opposed funding for Obama’s auto bailout, and would have let the industry slide into bankruptcy. The two congressmen are preparing to face off June 5 for the Democratic nomination in the 9th Congressional District.

It’s accurate that Rothman voted against the funding mechanism that would later support the auto bailout, but the Pascrell campaign went too far in suggesting that Rothman did not support assisting U.S. automakers at all, PolitiFact New Jersey found. It is true that Rothman voted against the bill creating TARP, which was later used to fund the auto bailout. But at the time of that vote, the program was not intended to assist the auto companies. Also, Rothman indicated a willingness to provide federal assistance for automakers through his support of a separate rescue package that was later blocked in the Senate.

We rate the statement Half True.


‘New York Dream Act’ Proponents Increase Pressure On Cuomo

HuffPost Reports on the push for the NY Dream Act: Read more »


PASSOVER FOR DUMMIES: White House Presents Passover Cooking Demonstration

Rows of plates with matzah topped with freshly chopped haroset, the traditional Passover sweet condiment, welcomed guests to the White House on Wednesday afternoon for a special holiday cooking demonstration and discussion. The event was organized by the White House Office of Public Engagement and the National Endowment for the Humanities. The latter recently funded an exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Maryland titled Chosen Food, exploring the history and cultural significance of food in the American Jewish Community. - Haaretz


Video: Hill Clinton Says Time Limited For Peaceful Solution to Iran


George Galloway Tweets ‘Long Live Palestine’ After Landslide

Forward Reports: Pro-Palestinian politician George Galloway, won a landslide victory in the  by-election for the Bradford West parliamentary seat in the U.K. on Thursday  night. Galloway, a former Labour MP who was banished from the party after he  called the Iraqi resistance to kill British soldiers in the country, celebrated  his victory, tweeting to supporters, “Long live Iraq. Long live Palestine, free,  Arab, dignified. George Galloway MP.” Read more »


Muslim Bros Pick Own Candidate to Run for President in Egypt

MSNBC Reports: The announcement of Khairat al Shater’s selection by the Brotherhood’s executive committee is a significant departure for the group, which initially vowed it would not field a candidate from within the organization. The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, already controls nearly half of parliament.

Before he can run, Shater must win the endorsement of 30 members of parliament (he will easily do that). But he will also need a pardon from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to overturn a previous conviction. During Hosni Mubarak’s decades-long rule, Shater was imprisoned for several years more than once. A popular uprising forced Mubarak to resign in February 2011.

Shater is considered the architect of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political emergence in recent years and often credited for coming up with many of the movement’s policies. Shater, a millionaire businessman, also controls the group’s finances.


Passaic Considers Charging $600-$1,000 For Emergency Calls

WCBS Reports: When the Passaic City Council meets Tuesday, Mayor Alex Blanco said what they will not decide to do is levy fees against people in car accidents or building owners whose structures catch fire. What they will do is go after the insurance companies.

“If you are a policy owner, you are already paying for it — this fire department service charge provision,” the mayor told WCBS 880 reporter Levon Putney on Friday. He said the fees would only be applied if claims are made, and no fees would be levied for those without insurance.

There would be a $1,000 fee to respond to fires in buildings over four stories high. Single, two, and three-family homes would be exempt. As for car fires, auto insurance would be billed $600. Of course, a concern is that insurance companies will simply jack up their premiums.


VIDEO: Left Says Santorum Called Obama a ‘Nig;’ the Context Claims Otherwise

See for your self:


VIOLENCE WARNING FROM SHARPTON: His ‘NAN Will Move to Next Level if Zimmerman Isn’t Arrested’

In an interview with Orlando Sentinel reporter Arelis Hernández this morning, the Rev. Al Sharpton warned that an escalation in civil disobedience and economic sanctions would be imminent unless Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman was apprehended immediately. “I will speak about how the National Action Network will move to the next level if Zimmerman isn’t arrested,” Sharpton told Hernández, adding that he will “elaborate on this plan Saturday” when thousands are expected to demonstrate. – Mediaite


Video: Stewart on the Spike Lee Zimmerman Tweet


RCP Report: Mandel is GOP Rising Star but Underdog in OHSen Race

Josh Mandel is considered a GOP rising star but an underdog in this race. Party operatives on both sides of the aisle agree that Brown, a liberal stalwart in the Senate, will be tough to beat. Nonetheless, spending from outside groups, coupled with the general-election climate in this manufacturing- and businesses-centered swing state, will make the contest one to watch as the GOP wrestles to gain control of the Senate. Read more »


GOOD VIDEO: $112M Lotto Winner’s Advice If You Win


FEDERAL RESERVE Study: Worst Economy Since 1930’s Should Have Meant Stronger Recovery

James Pethokoukis Writes: A Federal Reserve study from late last year looked at the behavior of  recoveries from recessions across 59 advanced and emerging market economies  during the last 40 years. The Fed found, to no great surprise, that recoveries “tend to be faster” after severe recessions, such as the one we just had. It’s the “rubber-band effect”: The deeper the downturn, the more robust the rebound.

For example, during the 1981-82 recession, output fell by 2.7 percent and  then rose by 15.9 percent over the next 10 quarters (at an average pace of 6.0  percent). During the Great Recession, output fell even more, by 5.1 percent. But  during the 10 quarters since, total economic output is up only a paltry 6.2  percent. Score one for Reaganomics.


19 Arrests in France, Sarkozy Compares Shooting Trauma to 9/11

Following a sweep of arrests of suspected Islamic militants, French President Nicolas Sarkozy compared the fatal attack outside a Jewish school in Toulouse to the trauma of 9/11. The trauma was “very deep in our country,” said Sarkozy, who is facing an uphill reelection battle. He added that it was “a bit like the trauma that followed in the U.S. and New York after 9⁄11.” Police commandos reportedly arrested about 20 people and seized weapons during  the Friday morning raids in Toulouse and other cities. Sarkozy promised more action in the weeks ahead. – JTA


STUDY by Psychologist Scott Eidelman: Conservatism is Common Sense!

A research team led by University of Arkansas psychologist Scott Eidelman argues that conservatism — which the researchers identify as “an emphasis on personal responsibility, acceptance of hierarchy, and a preference for the status quo” — may be our default ideology. If we don’t have the time or energy to give a matter sufficient thought, we tend to accept the conservative argument… – MM.Com  H/T Drudge


Gas Prices Up 47 of Last 51 Days; Now $0.18 Shy of All Time High

The national average price this morning for a regular gallon gas is $3.925, according to AAA. This is eighteen cents shy of the record $4.111 reached in July 2008. The overnight rise in prices is day 47 out of the last 51 days that prices rose.

The longest day-to-day rise in gas prices was in 2009, Obama’s first year in office, when prices rose fifty consecutive days. Today’s average is higher than the 2011 average of $3.52 a gallon, which broke the record annual average set in 2008 at $3.24 a gallon.


Why I Should Run Against Senator Parker

My father is an African-American (was born in Africa); my mother is White (from Europe) and I married into a South American family (which some would consider Jewish-Hispanics…). So perhaps I should run against Senator Parker because according to him as a Black man he represents (only) Blacks. But I on the other hand can represent African Americans, Whites, Hispanics and of course Jews too since I am an Orthodox Jew… Better yet, I will represent the poor since I am not a rich, and I will represent the rich too since as a Jew I live in a community that (many think…) is filled with rich people…


NOW IN STYLE: Demonstrators Want Officer Arrested For Killing Unarmed Black Teen Last Month

NY-1 Reports: A rally was held by a Bronx police precinct Thursday night, as advocates demanded that the police officer who killed unarmed 18-year-old Ramarley Graham last month should be arrested and face criminal charges.

Ramarley Graham, 18, was shot last month by Police Officer Richard Haste, who along with several narcotics agents chased the teen into his house on East 229th Street in Wakefield after an alleged drug deal. Police say Haste shot Graham in the bathroom as the teen tried to flush marijuana down the toilet, mistakenly thinking that the young man had a weapon. Read more »


ALL OF THE ABOVE? New Obama EPA Rule Will Halt New Coal Power Plants!

The Washington Post:

The proposed rule — years in the making and approved by the White House after months of review — will require any new power plant to emit no more than 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt of electricity produced. The average U.S. natural gas plant, which emits 800 to 850 pounds of CO2 per megawatt, meets that standard; coal plants emit an average of 1,768 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt.

In other words, you can’t use nor produce energy from any new Cole plant in the near future.


Firefighters Back Elizabeth Crowley For NY6

“Elizabeth Crowley has a proven record. When she became Chair of the Fire Committee, I saw someone dedicated to improving public safety,” UFA President Stephen Cassidy said in a statement. “In my view she’s the best candidate because I’ve seen her in action, and the Uniformed Firefighters Association is proud to endorse her for Congress.” The UFA formalized the endorsement in front of Engine Company 306 in Bayside, Queens — one of the firehouses which Crowley, as chair of the Council’s Fire Committee, lobbied to keep open. A total of 20 fire companies were targeted for closure for budgetary reasons by Mayor Bloomberg in 2011. – NYDN


Unorthodox Author Reveals Why She Published a WSJ Edition on 9/11

In this Globe and Mail Interview, NYTBS Author Deborah Feldman admits that she misreprents/spins in her book Unorthodox “for the sake of the narrative” she wants to present against the Hasidic Community.

Here is the take away part: Read more »


Israelis Suspect Obama Media Leaks to Prevent Strike on Iran

ABC News Via Yahoo Reports: Two reports today about Iran’s nuclear program and the possibility of an Israeli military strike have analysts in Israel accusing the Obama administration leaking information to pressure Israel not to bomb Iran and for Iran to reach a compromise in upcoming nuclear talks.

The first report in Foreign Policy quotes anonymous American officials saying that Israel has been given access to airbases by Iran’s northern neighbor Azerbaijan from which Israel could launch air strikes or at least drones and search and rescue aircraft.

The second report from Bloomberg, based on a leaked congressional report, said that Iran’s nuclear facilities are so dispersed that it is “unclear what the ultimate effect of a strike would be…” A strike could delay Iran as little as six months, a former official told the researchers.

“It seems like a big campaign to prevent Israel from attacking,” analyst Yoel Guzansky at the Institute for National Security Studies told ABC News. “I think the [Obama] administration is really worried Jerusalem will attack and attack soon. They’re trying hard to prevent it in so many ways.” Read more »


Columnist Pokes Republican Agenda by ‘Learning’ it Into the Haggadah

Steve Sheffey Writes: Jewish history is littered with sects, groups of people kind of like Jews who celebrate the same holidays and have many of the same customs, yet are somehow different.

Today’s sect is known as “Jewish Republicans,” few in number but very loud. Like most Jews, they celebrate Pesach, but they’ve got their own Haggadah. The differences between their Haggadah and ours are instructive.

After drinking the first cup of wine, most Jews wash their hands, but the Republicans stay seated and wait for the water to trickle down.

Most Jews then eat a green vegetable, but the Republican Haggadah follows the ruling of Rabbi Reagan that ketchup qualifies as a vegetable. Ketchup is not green, but green is the last thing any Republican would want to be. (Reagan does have this in common with Moses: Neither ever set foot in the land of Israel.) Read more »

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