RNC: Obama Broke his Promise To Maintain “Unwavering Friendship With Israel”

The Republican National Committee produced the following list regarding Obama’s Israel record:

In 2008, Obama Said: “That is the change we need in our foreign policy. Change that restores American  power and influence. Change accompanied by a pledge that I will make known to  allies and adversaries alike: that America maintains an unwavering friendship  with Israel, and an unshakeable commitment to its security.” (Senator Barack  Obama, Remarks To AIPAC, Washington, D.C. 6/4/08)

Today, The Relationship  Between The United States And Israel Has Reached Repeated Low Points Under  Obama:

Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-CT): “Obviously, There Have Been Some Very  Tough Moments Between Israel And President Obama.” “Obviously, there  have been some very tough moments between Israel and President Obama on  questions such as his call for a so-called settlement freeze and the statement  that he wanted to have Israel begin negotiations returning to the ’67 borders.” (“Lieberman Backs Obama, Sort Of, On Claim Of Support For Israeli Security,” Fox  News, 12/1/11)

  • Biden, While Speaking With Rabbis In Boca Raton, FL, Listed Off The  Repeated Insults By The Obama Administration Against Israel. “Mr. Biden  told the rabbis that the administration had made a few missteps in its handling  of the Israel relationship, including Mr. Obama’s decision not to go to  Jerusalem as president, after he made his famous Cairo speech in 2009 in which  he elevated the plight of the Palestinians to equal status with the Israelis’.  (In fact, it was Mr. Biden who traveled to Israel that year, in what ended up  being a disastrous trip in which the Israeli government announced new  settlements just before his meeting with Mr. Netanyahu, prompting a sharp  response from the Obama administration that included an irate 45-minute  telephone call from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to Mr.  Netanyahu.)” (Helene Cooper, “Obama Turns To Biden To Reassure Jewish Voters,  And Get Them To Contribute, Too,” New  York Times, 9/30/11)

The Washington Post: The Administration’s  Efforts On The Israel-Palestinian Issue “Has Been Stalled And Sometimes Poorly  Executed.” “Even the most sympathetic observer of the  administration’s efforts on the Israel-Palestinian issue would have to concede  the diplomacy has been stalled and sometimes poorly executed.” (Glenn Kessler, “Obama and Israel: Stalled Diplomacy Or ‘Suspicion And Distrust’?” The  Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” Blog, 7/11/11)

  • The Washington Post: “The Administration  Has Few, If Any, Achievements To Brag About Despite Having Invested Significant  Diplomatic Capital In The Israeli-Palestinian Issue.” “After 2 ½ years,  the administration has few, if any, achievements to brag about despite having  invested significant diplomatic capital in the Israeli-Palestinian issue. If  anything, one could make a case that the two sides are further apart because of  the administration’s actions, though, to be fair, ultimately it is up to the  Israelis and Palestinians to make peace, not the United States.” (Glenn Kessler, “Obama and Israel: Stalled Diplomacy Or ‘Suspicion And Distrust’?” The  Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” Blog, 7/11/11)
  • The Associated Press: “Obama Mideast  Policy Adrift Amid Crises.” “The world’s lone superpower has become  superpowerless in one of the world’s most intractable conflicts. Boxed in by  competing political and diplomatic agendas, the United States has lost the  ability to stop either the Israelis or the Palestinians from acting against the  interests of U.S.-backed peace efforts and against the express wishes of the  United States.” (Matthew Lee, “Analysis: Obama Mideast Policy Adrift Amid  Crises,” The  Associated Press, 11/3/11)

Obama And French President Sarkozy Were Caught On An Open Mic “Expressing Their Exasperation” With Netanyahu At The G20 Conference.“President Obama and his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, were reportedly  caught in a candid moment expressing their exasperation with Israeli leader  Benjamin Netanyahu – with the French president referring to him as a ‘liar.’” (Tucker Reals, “Obama Sarkozy Reportedly Fed Up With Netanyahu,” CBS  News, 11/8/11)

  • “‘I Cannot Bear Netanyahu, He’s A Liar,’ The French President Was  Heard To Say.” (Tucker Reals, “Obama Sarkozy Reportedly Fed Up With  Netanyahu,” CBS  News, 11/8/11)
  • “In Response, According To The Account By Arret Sur Images, Mr.  Obama Sympathizes With Sarkozy’s Frustration, Saying, ‘You’re Fed Up, But I Have  To Deal With Him Every Day.’” (Tucker Reals, “Obama Sarkozy Reportedly  Fed Up With Netanyahu,” CBS  News, 11/8/11)

CNN: Relations Reached “A Low Point” In March 2010. “Israel’s settlement policy has become a friction point between Israel  and the United States, with relations reaching a low point in March when Israel  announced plans during a visit by Vice President Joe Biden to construct more  than 1,000 new houses in East Jerusalem. The announcement outraged the Obama  administration and led to the Palestinians’ withdrawing from agreed-upon  indirect negotiations with Israel. In a visit later in March to the United  States, Netanyahu was presented with a set of concessions that the White House  wanted to see Israel make in an effort to restart the negotiations.” (“Obama,  Netanyahu Emphasize Strength Of U.S.-Israel Ties,” CNN.com, 7/6/10)

Obama Spoke In May 2011 Calling For Israel To Withdraw To The 1967  Borders For A Two State Solution. “Forcefully stepping into an  explosive Middle East debate, President Barack Obama on Thursday endorsed a key  Palestinian demand for the borders of its future state and prodded Israel to  accept that it can never have a truly peaceful nation based on ‘permanent  occupation.’ Obama’s urging that a Palestinian state be based on 1967 borders — before the Six Day War in which Israel occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank  and Gaza — was a significant shift in the U.S. approach. It drew an immediate  negative response from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is to meet  with Obama at the White House Friday.” (Ben Feller, “Obama Urges Israel To Go  Back To 1967 Borders,” The  Associated Press, 5/19/11)

  • Headline: “Democrats Join Republicans In Questioning Obama’s Policy  On Israel.” (Peter Wallsten, “Democrats Join Republicans In Questioning  Obama’s Policy On Israel,” Washington  Post, 5/24/11)
  • Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV): “The place where  negotiating will happen must be at the negotiating table – and nowhere else.” (Josh Gerstein, “Harry Reid Rebukes Barack Obama Over Israel,” Politico, 5/24/11)

Obama Defense Secretary To  Israel: “Just Get To The Damned Table”:

Obama Defense Secretary Blames Israel For Administration’s Failure On  Middle East, Saying “Just Get To The Damned Table.” “Defense Secretary  Leon Panetta called on Israel Friday to ‘reach out and mend fences’ with Turkey,  Egypt and other security partners in the Middle East, saying he is troubled by  the Jewish state’s growing isolation in the volatile region. He also urged  Israeli leaders to do more to restart peace talks with the Palestinians and  underscored President Barack Obama’s determination to stop Iran from acquiring  nuclear weapons. … In a question-and-answer session with his audience after his  speech, Panetta was asked what Israel should do to get peace talks back on  track. ‘Just get to the damned table,’ Panetta replied.” (“Pentagon Chief  Laments Israel’s Growing ‘Isolation’ From Traditional Partners Like Turkey,” The  Associated Press, 12/2/11)

Obama Ambassador To Belgium  And Fundraiser “Blames Israel For Anti-Semitism”:

Weekly Standard: “Obama Fundraiser And  Ambassador Blames Israel For Anti-Semitism.” “The U.S. ambassador to  Belgium, Howard Gutman, recently told a conference hosted by the European Jewish  Union that Israel is to blame for growing anti-Semitism harbored by people of  Muslim faith. ‘A distinction should be made between traditional anti-Semitism,  which should be condemned and Muslim hatred for Jews, which stems from the  ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians,’ Gutman reportedly said,  according to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. ‘He also argued that an  Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty will significantly diminish Muslim  anti-Semitism.’ According to the account in the Israeli paper, ‘The legal  experts at the event were visibly stunned by Gutman’s words, and the next  speaker offered a scathing rebuttal to the envoy’s remarks.’” (Daniel Halper, “Obama Fundraiser And Ambassador Blames Israel For Anti-Semitism,” Weekly  Standard’s “The Blog,” 12/3/11)

  • ABC News: “US Ambassador Under Fire For Comments On Anti-Semitism.” “The US Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, finds himself under fire  this morning for comments he made about the roots of some Muslim anti-Semitism,  comments from which the White House distanced itself. Yedioth Ahronoth, an  Israeli newspaper, reported Friday that Gutman told a Jewish conference on  anti-Semitism organized by the European Jewish Union that – as the newspaper  described it – ‘a distinction should be made between traditional anti-Semitism,  which should be condemned and Muslim hatred for Jews, which stems from the  ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.’” (Jake Tapper, “US  Ambassador Under Fire For Comments On Anti-Semitism,” ABC  News, 12/4/11)

“One Of The Worst  U.S.-Israeli Feuds In Memory” Occurred Under Obama In 2010:

The Associated Press: “One Of The Worst  U.S.-Israeli Feuds In Memory.” “A U.S. envoy’s postponement of his  Mideast trip appeared Tuesday to deepen one of the worst U.S.-Israeli feuds in  memory — even as Israel’s foreign minister signaled his government had no  intention of curtailing the contentious construction at the heart of the row.” (Amy Teibel, “US Mideast Envoy Cancels Jerusalem Trip, Deepening Feud With  Israel,” The  Associated Press, 3/16/10)

The Washington Post: The Dispute’s Dramatic  Escalation Came “At The Direct Impetus Of Mr. Obama.” “The dispute’s  dramatic escalation since then seems to have come at the direct impetus of Mr.  Obama. Officials said he outlined points for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham  Clinton to make in a searing, 45-minute phone call to Mr. Netanyahu on Friday.” (Editorial, “The U.S. Quarrel With Israel,” The  Washington Post, 3/16/10)

Obama FY 2013 Budget Seeks  UNESCO Funding Despite Recognition Of Palestinian Statehood:

Obama’s FY 2013 Budget Asks “Congress To Waive A Ban On Funding  UNESCO Over Its Recognition Of Palestinian Statehood.” The Obama  administration formally announced its intention to ask Congress to waive a ban  on funding UNESCO over its recognition of Palestinian statehood. ‘The Department  of State intends to work with Congress to seek legislation that would provide  authority to waive restrictions on paying the U.S. assessed contributions to  UNESCO,’ says a footnote in the budget that the White House submitted to  Congress this month. The footnote was quoted in a press release issued Wednesday  by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), the chairwoman of the U.S. House of  Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, who says she plans to oppose such a  waiver.” (Ron Kampeas, “Obama Administration To Seek Waiver On UNESCO Funding  Ban,” Jewish  Telegraph Agency, 2/15/12)

Funding UNESCO “Was Stopped Late Last Year Because Of Laws Banning  U.S. Funding Of Any International Organization That Recognizes Palestinian  Statehood In The Absence Of A Peace Agreement With Israel.” “U.S.  funding for UNESCO, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural  organization, was stopped late last year because of laws banning U.S. funding of  any international organization that recognizes Palestinian statehood in the  absence of a peace agreement with Israel.” (Ron Kampeas, “Obama Administration  To Seek Waiver On UNESCO Funding Ban,” Jewish  Telegraph Agency, 2/15/12).

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