Engel: Military Capabilities Divide U.S., Israel Positions on Iran

03/04/2012 8:52 PM

Algemeiner Reports: Congressman Eliot Engel of New York just returned from Israel, where he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a week prior to his


Daily News Reports: NY Jews Get Ready for Purim by Doing Charity

03/04/2012 7:33 PM Updated: 3 years ago

New York Jews getting ready for Purim skipped the costume parties Sunday to focus on giving back. Doing extra charity is a must during the two-day


NJDC Hits Romney for Saying Obama Reelection Means Nuclear Iran

03/04/2012 7:30 PM

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said today in Georgia: “If Barack Obama is reelected, Iran will have a nuclear weapon and the world will change….He’s also


CNN Money Gives Two Options: High Gas Prices, or Recession

03/04/2012 5:07 PM

CNN Money: Those hoping for gas prices to turn around and start falling should be careful what they wish for. If consumers get significant relief from


Palin Wants Allen West on Republican VP List

03/04/2012 4:22 PM Updated: 3 years ago

After being asked if she’d consider the VP position during an interview with Fox News, Palin stumped for Allen West, counting his military experience as valuable.


J Street Spin Can’t Obscure Obama’s Jewish Vote Troubles

03/04/2012 4:12 PM

Jon Tobin Writers: The left-wing J Street lobby has failed to gain much traction on Capitol Hill in its four years of existence. So it was


Another GOP’er Jumps into Race Against Senator Gillibrand

03/04/2012 2:54 PM

Joe Carvin, supervisor of the Westchester County town of Rye and a hedge fund executive, formally announced he is seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Sen.


Lead Local Republican Attacks ‘Pervert and Proven Liar’ Weiner Re Grimm Case

03/04/2012 2:44 PM

Silive.Com Reports: Former Congressman Guy V. Molinari yesterday issued a full-throated defense of his hand-picked candidate, embattled Rep. Michael Grimm (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn). The borough Republican Party


Politifact Verdict: NJ Gov Did Not Cut $13B Over Two Years

03/04/2012 12:40 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Politifact: By Gov. Chris Christie’s account, he arrived in Trenton and slashed billions of dollars of state spending in two years. In a state capital thriving


Full Video: Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel

03/04/2012 12:18 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Obama: Talk of Iran War Drives up Oil Prices

03/04/2012 12:09 PM

AP Via Canada.com: Speaking to a pro-Israeli lobby group ahead of his meeting Monday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama said the U.S. will prepare for


Video: Fox News Update on Israel-Iran-AIPAC-Obama

03/04/2012 12:04 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com


N.Y. Man Accused of Obama Threat

03/04/2012 10:00 AM

AP Via Politico Reports: An upstate New York man is accused of threatening to kill President Barack  Obama and elementary schoolchildren in Saratoga County. Prosecutors say


Cantor, the Top Jewish Republican in the House, Backs Romney

03/04/2012 9:55 AM Updated: 3 years ago

Times Dispatch Reports: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who represents a district in Virginia, endorsed Mitt Romney this morning, just two days ahead of the Super Tuesday Republican presidential


Reuters Poll: Romney-Santorum Tied at 32% in Ohio; Newt 17%

03/04/2012 2:21 AM Updated: 3 years ago

The former Massachusetts governor and former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania are tied with 32 percent support from likely voters in the Ohio Republican primary, the most


A Request to Hasidim Who Spill Secrets in Public

03/04/2012 1:20 AM Updated: 3 years ago

In recent weeks, there have been a few high-profile instances of (former) Hasidim who went to major media outlets to reveal many secrets of the Hasidic community: While


New Film Stirs Controversy Over Obama’s Israel Record

03/04/2012 12:41 AM

Just before the AIPAC conference begins in Washington, a pro-Israel, anti-Obama group called Emergency Committee for Israel is releasing a 30-minute movie called “Daylight: The Story


UPDATE: Jewish school wins playoff game reset for Friday

03/04/2012 12:32 AM

Fox News: Beren Academy’s boys basketball team is headed to the state championship. And this time, there’s no need to reschedule the game. The Orthodox Jewish


BAILOUT: GM Halts Volt Production; Lays off Workers Due to Low Sales

03/04/2012 12:00 AM

Sales of the gas-electric car have been flagging. GM had a set a goal of selling 10,000 Volts by the end of 2011, but was only

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