Romney, Obama Have Same Position on Iran

Ran Kampeas Notes: The New York Times’ Helene Cooper runs with that story, and she gets to it pithily at the top:

To rein in Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, Mitt Romney says he would conduct naval exercises in the Persian Gulf to remind Iran of American military might. He would try to ratchet up Security Council sanctions on Iran, targeting its Revolutionary Guards, and the country’s central bank and other financial institutions. And if Russia and China do not go along, he says, the United States should team up with other willing governments to put such punitive measures in place.

As it turns out, that amounts to what President Obama is doing.

She gets round at the end to Romney  campaign pushback, but it ain’t too persuasive:

“President Obama for three years refused to build on previous administrations’ work to penalize Iran for its enrichment programs with the hopes that the regime would come around to his reset policies and softer world view,” said Richard Grenell, who was the spokesman for the American mission to the United Nations under Mr. Bush. Mr. Obama, he said, “is now scrambling to talk tough just in time for the U.S. elections.”

In fact, Obama signed the sanctions-with-bite legislation his immediate predecessor, George W. Bush, gutted in 2006, when Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) was trying to get them passed

03/06/2012 11:30 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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