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For Stimulus Projection to Hold, ONE MILLION NEW JOBS PER MONTH Needed Untill November

As this article explains, the economy is now short by 7.2 million jobs of what Obama’s economic team projected we will have at this time if the Stimulus was passed. Considering that there will be seven more employment reports from now until election day (October’s numbers will likely be published the Friday after the election), the economy needs to gain more than one million jobs per month in each of the following seven months to be in line with what Obama’s team foresaw a few years ago.


Average Gas Price Worse Than in 2008

Yes. Gas prices in 2008 did indeed pass the $4.00 mark. However, that lasted for only five weeks. In fact, despite the record high oil and gas prices reached during 2008, the average gas price at the pump for all of that year was $3.24 per regular gallon. For comparison, the gas average for all of 2011 was $3.52 according to the Energy Information Administration. The above two years are the only two on record to produce an annual average for gas prices of above $3.00 a regular gallon. (See more annual gas price averages here)


Menendez Says U.S. Oil Production Should Stay in the United States

Paramus Post Reports: If we drill oil in America, WE SHOULD KEEP IT in America, Senator Says – As gas prices continue to squeeze family budgets and local businesses across New Jersey and the country, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) today called for common sense legislation that would keep more oil that is produced in the United States here in the United States, increasing our supply, and helping to reduce prices at the pump. Menendez made the announcement at a press conference outside a local gas station in Weehawken where gas prices have exceeded $3.60 a gallon. Read more »


Senator Carl Levin: Naval Blockade of Iran Should be Considered

An international naval blockade of Iranian oil exports should be considered before any resort to air strikes against the country’s disputed nuclear program, the chairman of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee said on Friday. “That’s, I think, one option that needs to be considered” to boost pressure on Iran to curb its nuclear program in line with U.N. Security Council resolutions. – Reuters


Banks Still Being Closed Right and Left

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) closed one bank this weekend, brining to thirteen the number of banks it closed this year. Last year this time, the FDIC had already shuttered 25 banks, which was similar to the 26 closed in the same time in 2010. However, the 2010 number was more than the seventeen banks closed through the first ten days of March a year earlier. In Bush’s last year in office, 2008, the FDIC at this time had closed only two banks. In fact, for all of 2008, only 25 banks were closed, and that was Bush’s worst year in office for Banks. – Political Rope


Israel’s UN Ambassador: Arab Countries Support an Attack on Iran

INN: Speaking to Channel 10 News in a special interview in his office in New York, Prosor said that Israel’s diplomatic efforts in regards to the Iranian nuclear threat are like a train “traveling from London to Paris at a very fast speed,” whereas the international community’s efforts regarding Iran are like “a slow running train which stops at every station.”

Prosor said, however, that he is seeing reasons for optimism in what he described as the awakening of the European countries regarding Iran, a fact which is reflected in the latest rounds of sanctions on the Iranian oil industries.

“Especially in light of what is happening today in the Arab world, there is an understanding that this issue will change the Middle East, not just militarily,” Prosor said, noting that countries such as Britain and France and even China and Russia are becoming aware of the danger of a nuclear Iran. “The recent sanctions against the Iranian central bank and its oil industry show that Europe has awakened to the Iranian nuclear threat.”


VIDEO: ‘In November the Jewish Community Will Remember’

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