Jewish Republicans, Reportedly, Out in Force for WH2012 Fight

Florida Jewish Republicans like Sid Dinerstein are out in force. Chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party, Dinerstein speaks to Jewish voters whenever he can. One of his key tactical goals: setting up beachheads in the retiree-heavy condominium communities in the  county’s western suburbs where many Jewish seniors live. In early February, he helped gin up support at the new Ronald Reagan Club at Valencia Palms west of Delray Beach. Dinerstein’s Republican counterparts in Broward are doing the same, and launched a Jewish outreach effort last year. There’s an active Republican club at Wynmoor Village, the retiree-heavy condominium community in Coconut Creek that’s home to many Jewish residents. – Sun Sentinal

03/11/2012 3:58 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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