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After adjusting for inflation, the economy is now 13% larger than 2003. However, U.S. Oil Production is now at 2003 levels, while oil imports are down by ten percent from a year ago.


New Hampshire Town to Vote on Renaming ‘Jew Pond’

AP Via Fox News: For many long-time residents of this rural town, the  quest to change the name of Jew Pond is much ado over a muddy, manmade body of  water not used for much of anything besides ice skating and fishing. For more  recent transplants and the town’s health officer, though, it’s a way to banish  an offensive title that’s recorded on at least one official map.

Mont Vernon’s approximately 2,400 residents will  have a chance to vote Tuesday at a town meeting on whether to ask the U.S. Board  of Geographic Names to officially change the Jew Pond moniker, which appears on  a 1968 map but not on any town signs. Read more »


Democrat David Greenfield Endorses Democrat Lew Fidler in NY Senate Special

Politicker: David Greenfield, will join Mr. Fidler in order to make an “announcement” today, suggesting a possible endorsement. And, although Mr. Greenfield never seemed particularly likely to get behind Mr. Fidler’s Republican opponent, David Storobin, his backing would provide a welcome voice of support in the more ideologically conservative Orthodox Jewish components of the State Senate district Mr. Fidler and Mr. Storobin are campaigning for.

Mr. Greenfield sat out the last competitive special election in this corner of Brooklyn, declining to endorse the Democratic candidate, David Weprin, in his ultimately unsuccessful congressional campaign. However, Mr. Fidler has already been using Mr. Greenfield’s name in advertising, suggesting a solid level of comradery between the two councilmen.


Video: Republican Giuliani Endorses Republican David Storobin in NY Special


Boteach’s Mission in Congress Would be ‘to recreate an American Sabbath’

Tablet Mag Reports: If Rabbi Shmuley Boteach had his way, businesses would close on Sunday, marriage counseling would be tax deductible, Wall Street would be less greedy, and our conservative politicians would drop their obsession with same-sex marriage and contraception.

That’s the platform—the Republican platform—that Boteach will promote in New Jersey’s 9th district if he decides to run for Congress. He’ll make an official decision on Tuesday, though he’s already filed with the Federal Election Committee. Read more »


Former Jewish Dem Senator Says Obama Ditched him After Helping Pass HCR

Former Sen. Arlen Specter writes in a new book that President Obama ditched him in the 2010 election after he helped Obama win the biggest legislative victory of his term by passing healthcare reform. Specter also claims that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) did not uphold his promise to grant him seniority accrued over 28 years of service in the Senate as a Republican. Specter, who rocked Washington’s political establishment and made headlines around the country when he left the Republican Party to join Democrats in April of 2009, has kept quiet about these slights until now. – Read More at The Hill


Jewish U.S. Senate Candidate Mandel First to Receive Rubio’s Senate Endorsement

The 34 year old power house Josh Mandel, tweeted this today: “Grateful to be @marcorubio‘s 1st Senate endorsement! He and I will be criss-crossing OH today and tomorrow”


Schumer Wants To Restore Tax Break For City Commuters

Senator Charles Schumer is urging his fellow lawmakers to bring back a bigger tax break for commuters that expired at the end of last year. Workers who travel by bus, train or subway had been able to use $230 a month in pre-tax income, but as of January 1 the benefit was reduced to $125. Schumer has inserted a measure into the federal highway bill that would reinstate the tax break and increase it to $240. It would be retroactive to January 1. – NY1 Via YWN


Could Have Been Worse: 59% Disapprove of Obama’s Handling the Economy

Friday’s employment report showed a gain of 227,000 jobs in the past month, continuing an upward trend and offering the White House something positive to point to. Still, the survey — conducted Wednesday through Saturday — finds 59 percent of Americans giving Obama negative ratings on the economy, up from early last month. Now, 50 percent give him intensely low marks, the most yet in a Post-ABC News poll, and a jump of nine percentage points. The negative movement has also stalled what had been a gradual increase since the fall in the president’s overall approval rating. In the new poll, 46 percent approve of the way Obama is handling his job; 50 percent disapprove. – Wash Post


10% of Romney Super PAC Funds are From Jewish Donors

A small group of Jewish private equity investors, hedge fund managers and  real estate developers are playing an outsized role in Republican hopeful Mitt  Romney’s fundraising efforts. Top Jewish donors account for more than 10% of the $36 million raised by  Romney’s super PAC. While Romney has long been the consensus pick of establishment Jewish  Republicans, many of the super PAC’s biggest Jewish givers are outside that  establishment group. A few have hardly any history of Republican giving, and  some gave thousands in individual donations to the Obama campaign in 2008. – Read More at Forward


Newt’s Game of ‘Concede’ and ‘Focus’

My following article first ran at The American Thinker: Newt Gingrich promises to go all the way to Tampa to fight for the nomination. OK, if he says so. However, I have a question for him: Where is the Great Moment that he keeps promising?

After losing Nevada, Gingrich gave a 22-minute press conference saying among others that by Super Tuesday he will be on par with Mitt Romney in regards to Delegate.

Well, yeah. I thought so.

When Rick Santorum had a three state sweep a few weeks ago, Newt – who knew he had no chance in any of these states including Minnesota – was campaigning in Ohio saying that he ‘conceded’ those states in advance to ‘focus’ instead on Super Tuesday. Well, Super Tuesday came and went, but what does Newt have to show for it? He won his home state and lost badly almost everywhere else.

This last weekend, Newt foresaw again that he won’t do well in Kansas nor in Wyoming. What did he do? He again ‘conceded’ these states to ‘focus’ on the next two, Mississippi and Alabama where he indeed may pull off a win in one of those states. But please, how many more states will he ‘concede’ (read: admit that he can’t win) in order to ‘focus’ on the next where he does not deliver either? When will the media/press start pressing Newt why he can’t secure major wins?

Newt won only two states until now and despite more money than Santorum, Newt has way less Delegates than Santorum. How much longer will Newt play this game of ‘concede and focus’ which only undercuts Rick Santorum and builds Mitt Romney?


Regarding Storobin, Yakov Gold Has Some Explaining to Do

On March 1’st, YWN Mailbag ran an article by someone Yakov Gold who claimed in his writing “I have lots of Russian friends– secular and religious,” which is to say that the readers need to believe him when speaking about David Storobrin, the Republican candidate for the State Senate special on March 20th. Read more »


NY Senate GOP Carpet Bombs Lew Fidler

Colin Campbell Reports: “COUNCILMAN LEW FIDLER SUCKED YOUR MONEY INTO HIS WALLET,” one direct mail piece in southeastern Brooklyn reads.

The message, placed next to an image of Democratic Councilman Lew Fidiler — altered to dress him up as a construction worker as he’s engineering a contraption to literally steal money from a wallet labeled “your wallet” — is repeating itself over and over again in advertisements sent by the Senate Republicans in their effort to sink Mr. Fidler’s campaign in a March 20th special election for the State Senate. Read more »


VIDEO: Former Israeli Spy Chief Dagan Speaks to 60-Min Re Iran Threat

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