Gary Ackerman Won’t Seek Re-Election

Celeste Katz Reports: On the heels of Assemblyman Rory Lancman’s decision not to run for Congress, the man he would likely have had to primary, Rep. Gary Ackerman, says he’s not seeking re-election because of redistricting. His term ends Jan. 2, 2013. Stand by and we’ll hopefully update with what, if anything, this means for Lancman and everybody else…

Just so we have all this in order, which might possibly help stop my brain from exploding: Bob Turner is elected to NY-9 after Anthony Weiner’s resignation. Redistricting rolls around and NY-9 and Ackerman’s NY-6 get redrawn. Turner announces this week that he’ll go up against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand if he can get the GOP nomination. Lancman then announces he has no desire to run a divisive Democratic primary against Ackerman and says he’ll put his Congressional hopes on hold. Then we all get an email saying Ackerman’s not running again.

03/15/2012 9:35 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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