Article and Video: Obama Sends Message to Iranian People

Algemeiner Reports: In a message to the Iranian people during Nowruz – the Persian New Year – President Barack Obama spoke about the tenuous relationship between the United States and the Islamic Republic, and the decision by Iran’s government to restrict the flow of free information to its citizens.

“To the people of Iran, this holiday comes at a time of continued tension between our two countries,” Obama said in his video address, which was posted on YouTube and accompanied by Arabic and Farsi subtitles.

Obama announced steps undertaken by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to facilitate an increase of access to information inside Iran, including the exportation of U.S. services and software.

“Like the iron curtain of the 20th century, an electronic curtain is  descending as the Iranian regime attempts to control what its citizens  see and hear,” the President said.


03/20/2012 3:48 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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