Orthodox Jews, Russian Immigrants Giving GOP Wins in Brooklyn

03/24/2012 11:40 PM

NY Post Writes: What’s going on in Brooklyn? It’s not entirely clear. After all, it’s easy to misread political trends, particularly in highly local elections. Many


VIDEO: What’s With Obama and ‘No Stronger Ally Punching Above its Weight’?

03/24/2012 11:00 PM

H/T Weekly Standard:


FDIC Bank Closings Down Compared to Recent Years

03/24/2012 10:32 PM

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) closed two banks this weekend, bringing to fifteen the number of banks it closed in 2012. Last year this time


VIDEO: Obama, GOP2012 Candidates Respond to Martin Case

03/24/2012 10:13 PM Updated: 3 years ago


03/24/2012 9:57 PM

Check out my twitter @YossiGestetner for ongoing reporting of the Louisiana Primary Results of tonight.


Some Israelis March Against Iran War

03/24/2012 9:21 PM

Israelis marched in Tel Aviv on Saturday to protest against a possible  Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The protest came amid a recent Facebook campaign


Valerie Jarrett, Top Obama Adviser, Addressing J Street Conference Monday

03/24/2012 9:17 PM Updated: 3 years ago

JTA Reports: Jarrett will join Tony Blinken, the national security adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, in a session on Monday on the U.S. role in


Ron Paul-Backing NYC GOP Councilman Announces NY6 Run, Vs Dems Lancman, Meng, Crowley

03/24/2012 9:11 PM

Politicker Reports: Queens Republican Councilman Dan Halloran will announce on Monday that he is running for Congress for the seat currently held by retiring Rep. Gary


FEC Fine Against Rubio Dropped From $9,904 to $1,360 After Proving Most Charges as Baseless

03/24/2012 9:02 PM

After Sen. Marco Rubio’s 2010 campaign, the Republican senator was fined $9,904 for failing to disclose information about 36 donors who gave more than $1,000 to


Josh Mandel: Obama Wants To ‘Sip Tea’ With Iran, Treats England ‘Like Garbage’

03/24/2012 8:58 PM

“It sickens me to see the President of the United States literally and figuratively bow down to leaders of other countries. I also believe that he


Obama in South Korea

03/24/2012 8:53 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Air Force One landed in Osan Air Base in South Korea at 5:28 a.m. ET Saturday, after a nine-hour flight from Alaska. President Obama was greeted


Jeb Bush, Signer of ‘Stand Your Ground,’ Says Law Invalid in Martin Case

03/24/2012 8:51 PM

“This law does not apply to this particular circumstance,” Bush said after an education panel discussion at the University of Texas at Arlington. “Stand your ground

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