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VIDEO: You Can Post a Cross at Your Door But NOT a Mezuzah!


FREEDOM OF RELIGION: Connecticut Condo Owner Told to Remove Mezuzah

Fox News Reports: A Connecticut condominium owner has been told by the  complex’s management association that she must remove a Jewish religious symbol  or face fines, advocates told FoxNews.com.

Barbara Cadranel, an internationally-renown  harpsichordist living in Stratford, Conn., contacted the Connecticut Regional  Office of the Anti-Defamation League earlier this month to report that she had  been told by the California Condo Association to remove the mezuzah — a small  object inscribed with Hebrew verses from the Torah placed on the doorpost of a  Jewish family’s home — or face fines of $50 per day, according to ADL’s  Connecticut Regional Director Gary Jones. Read more »


PolitiFact: Pascrell’s Claim Regarding Rothman’s Position on Auto Bailout is Half True

PolitiFact Reports: The campaign of U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell charges that U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman opposed funding for Obama’s auto bailout, and would have let the industry slide into bankruptcy. The two congressmen are preparing to face off June 5 for the Democratic nomination in the 9th Congressional District.

It’s accurate that Rothman voted against the funding mechanism that would later support the auto bailout, but the Pascrell campaign went too far in suggesting that Rothman did not support assisting U.S. automakers at all, PolitiFact New Jersey found. It is true that Rothman voted against the bill creating TARP, which was later used to fund the auto bailout. But at the time of that vote, the program was not intended to assist the auto companies. Also, Rothman indicated a willingness to provide federal assistance for automakers through his support of a separate rescue package that was later blocked in the Senate.

We rate the statement Half True.


‘New York Dream Act’ Proponents Increase Pressure On Cuomo

HuffPost Reports on the push for the NY Dream Act: Read more »


PASSOVER FOR DUMMIES: White House Presents Passover Cooking Demonstration

Rows of plates with matzah topped with freshly chopped haroset, the traditional Passover sweet condiment, welcomed guests to the White House on Wednesday afternoon for a special holiday cooking demonstration and discussion. The event was organized by the White House Office of Public Engagement and the National Endowment for the Humanities. The latter recently funded an exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Maryland titled Chosen Food, exploring the history and cultural significance of food in the American Jewish Community. - Haaretz


Video: Hill Clinton Says Time Limited For Peaceful Solution to Iran


George Galloway Tweets ‘Long Live Palestine’ After Landslide

Forward Reports: Pro-Palestinian politician George Galloway, won a landslide victory in the  by-election for the Bradford West parliamentary seat in the U.K. on Thursday  night. Galloway, a former Labour MP who was banished from the party after he  called the Iraqi resistance to kill British soldiers in the country, celebrated  his victory, tweeting to supporters, “Long live Iraq. Long live Palestine, free,  Arab, dignified. George Galloway MP.” Read more »


Muslim Bros Pick Own Candidate to Run for President in Egypt

MSNBC Reports: The announcement of Khairat al Shater’s selection by the Brotherhood’s executive committee is a significant departure for the group, which initially vowed it would not field a candidate from within the organization. The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, already controls nearly half of parliament.

Before he can run, Shater must win the endorsement of 30 members of parliament (he will easily do that). But he will also need a pardon from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to overturn a previous conviction. During Hosni Mubarak’s decades-long rule, Shater was imprisoned for several years more than once. A popular uprising forced Mubarak to resign in February 2011.

Shater is considered the architect of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political emergence in recent years and often credited for coming up with many of the movement’s policies. Shater, a millionaire businessman, also controls the group’s finances.


Passaic Considers Charging $600-$1,000 For Emergency Calls

WCBS Reports: When the Passaic City Council meets Tuesday, Mayor Alex Blanco said what they will not decide to do is levy fees against people in car accidents or building owners whose structures catch fire. What they will do is go after the insurance companies.

“If you are a policy owner, you are already paying for it — this fire department service charge provision,” the mayor told WCBS 880 reporter Levon Putney on Friday. He said the fees would only be applied if claims are made, and no fees would be levied for those without insurance.

There would be a $1,000 fee to respond to fires in buildings over four stories high. Single, two, and three-family homes would be exempt. As for car fires, auto insurance would be billed $600. Of course, a concern is that insurance companies will simply jack up their premiums.

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