Passaic Considers Charging $600-$1,000 For Emergency Calls

WCBS Reports: When the Passaic City Council meets Tuesday, Mayor Alex Blanco said what they will not decide to do is levy fees against people in car accidents or building owners whose structures catch fire. What they will do is go after the insurance companies.

“If you are a policy owner, you are already paying for it — this fire department service charge provision,” the mayor told WCBS 880 reporter Levon Putney on Friday. He said the fees would only be applied if claims are made, and no fees would be levied for those without insurance.

There would be a $1,000 fee to respond to fires in buildings over four stories high. Single, two, and three-family homes would be exempt. As for car fires, auto insurance would be billed $600. Of course, a concern is that insurance companies will simply jack up their premiums.

03/31/2012 9:18 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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