DOJ Drops Case of Racist Threats to Obama in October 2008

Josh Gerstein Reports: Earlier this month, the deadline passed for the Justice Department to seek Supreme Court review of a federal appeals court’s ruling last year throwing out convictions of La Mesa, Calif. resident Walter Bagdasarian over what the government charged were racist threats posted on an online financial bulletin board in October 2008.

“Re: Obama, fk the niggar, he will have a 50 cal in the head soon,” Bagdasarian wrote in one post. “Shoot the nig,” he said in another. Bagdasarian didn’t dispute posting the remarks, but said he was drunk at the time. After a bench trial, a federal judge in San Diego convicted him of threatening to kill or do bodily harm to a major presidential candidate.

04/01/2012 3:19 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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