Reports: Sarkozy in Trouble Ahead of Sunday Vote

Expactice Reports: Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign appeared to lose steam Wednesday, four days ahead of the first round of France’s presidential election that pollsters increasingly say he will lose to his Socialist rival.

Abandoned by some allies and rounded on by some traditionally pro-government media, a visibly tired but still campaigning Sarkozy said on Wednesday “we’re three days away from the first round, let’s wait peacefully.” He dismissed a CSA opinion poll ahead of Sunday’s first round vote that said Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande would score a thumping first-round victory over the UMP party’s incumbent with 29 percent to 24 percent.

“It contradicts all the others, because they say I’ll win. We have three days to wait, let’s wait peacefully,” Sarkozy told BFM-TV of the poll that also predicted a spectacular 58-42 percent second-round victory for Hollande.

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04/18/2012 10:56 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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