Hey AP. In Case YOU Missed it, Gas Costs Americans $23 Billion More Per Month Since Obama Took Office

The AP has today a headline “In case you missed it, gas prices have fallen over the last two weeks.” It fell from $3.94 to $3.88, and AP is selling it as the best news since the founding of the United Sates, writing among others “The worst appears to be over. Gasoline prices are going down” and that every ten cents that gas falls, Americans have $37 million more to spend per day on other things.

We did a quick math here: Gas rose almost 21 times ten cents (almost $2.10) since Obama came into office. If every ten cents is $37 million, Americans have $777 million less per day; $5.4 less per week, and $23.3 billion less per 30-day months to spend on other things due to the increase of gas prices under president Obama.

04/22/2012 10:41 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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