Pascrell, Rothman Raise Similar Totalls; Cash-on-Hand Very Close Too

At first glance, Rep. Steve Rothman bested Rep. Bill Pascrell in fund-raising during the first quarter of this year. Rothman’s report filed with the FEC showed he received $543,000 in contributions to Pascrell’s $514,000. But that $29,000 Rothman advantage over Pascrell actually turns out to be a $33,000 deficit when an important detail — the amount each will actually be able to spend in their win-or-die primary — is taken into account. That’s because the fine print of their reports shows that Rothman’s total includes more than $104,000 worth of contributions for the general election, money he cannot spend until after the primary. Pascrell’s report included only about $42,000 worth of general-election contributions. – North Jersey.Com

04/22/2012 8:28 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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