NYP Editorial Slams NYC Comptroller Liu, Deputy Felder

The NY Post Editors Write: Might as well take the remaining bits and pieces of City Comptroller John  Liu’s office to the chop shop — it’s broken down, abandoned and the wheels have  already come off, as The Post’s David Seifman made clear last week.

One of Liu’s top deputies, Simcha Felder, just announced that he’s running  for a state Senate seat in Brooklyn — but that he’s keeping his $194,087-a-year  job anyway, taking advantage of a loophole that lets sitting city officials run  for statewide office. It’s beyond farce that Felder, who’s supposed to oversee taxpayer dollars,  will keep gobbling up a taxpayer salary while neglecting his appointed  duties…

But that’s par for the course in Liu-Liu-land. Liu himself is under federal investigation for a series of financial crimes  allegedly committed by his campaign staff — so his attention has been elsewhere  for months. And his credibility is nonexistent.

Meanwhile, Liu’s top deputy, Eric Eve, quit in February and his  communications director quit last November — both escaping the swirling scandal  that has overtaken his office. So the comptroller — who’s supposed to keep an eagle eye on the city’s $70  billion budget and $120 billion pension funds — has been giving out free money  to staffers in a transparent attempt to buy their loyalty.

First, he slathered raises on 126 staffers, costing the city another $338,000  a year in the middle of a fiscal crisis. And last month he tried to bribe his top deputies with serious pay hikes. Felder got the biggest bump — $15,000 — but even that apparently wasn’t  enough to keep him committed to his comptroller’s office job.

04/23/2012 12:23 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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