JTA: ‘60 Minutes’ Slammed on Segment of Christians in Israel

[60 Min Video Below] Thousands of Christian and Jewish supporters of Israel have bombarded CBS executives with complaints about a “60 Minutes” segment that blamed Israel for the exodus of Christians from the West Bank and Jerusalem.

In the segment that aired Sunday, correspondent Bob Simon, Palestinian Christian leaders and others blame Israel and the settlements for Christians leaving cities such as Bethlehem and  Jerusalem.

The Jewish Federations of North America and Christians United For  Israel asked their members to send messages to CBS executives to  complain about the segment. JFNA’s action alert, sent before the segment  aired, read: “We hope that CBS will be flooded with responses through  their inboxes, Facebook, Twitter and mail after the program to express  discontent if it is as biased as we anticipate.”

CUFI told its supporters in a Twitter message Monday that “Sunday  night ’60 Minutes’ blamed Israel for Christian flight from the Middle  East. Join me in telling them the truth.” CUFI tweeted later in the day that more than 22,000 supporters had contacted “60 Minutes” over the segment.

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04/24/2012 8:40 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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