Noach Dear Insider: ‘Community, Not Establishment, Will Decide on Super Jewish Senator’

Simcha Felder picked up today the endorsements from NYC Councilman David Greenfield and NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind. However, Noach Dear, who serves currently as a Civil Court Judge, is willing to put up a fight if he decides to actually run.

Look, said someone who knows Dear’s thinking up close. “The Jewish Community is not going to vote for a puppet just because the Establishment decided to hold a Press Conference.” If the Turner-Weprin, Fidler-Storobin and Lazar-Greenfield races show something, notes this Dear insider, it is that the Community wants a candidate who will be out there working for every vote, and not be forced to vote for someone to fit the agendas of a few.

A Dear source says that the Judge is now awaiting the ruling from the Justice Department on whether the Super Jewish State Senate District is in line with Civil Rights laws. If the Seat gets a go-ahead, it will be up to Mr. Dear to make the final call if he will run. At this stage. it is a 4-1 a yes. If indeed Dear moves ahead with this race, his inner circle will be ready to pump-in ‘whatever it takes’ to secure a win, said someone who is familiar with the discussions.

Dear will need to give up his Judgeship by announcing a run, whereas Felder can stay on his job. As such, Dear intends to see this through to the end with a success.

04/24/2012 3:26 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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