Schumer Vows to Overturn Supreme Court on Immigration

Wash Times Reports: Sen. Charles Schumer said Tuesday he wants to overturn a Supreme Court ruling last year that allowed states to require businesses to make sure their workers are in the country legally and said Congress should also be prepared to overturn a possible future ruling favoring state enforcement of immigration laws.

Speaking at a hearing on Arizona’s 2010 law cracking down on illegal immigration, Mr. Schumer said that Congress has repeatedly passed laws making clear that it, not the states, should have jurisdiction over immigration law. He said his legislation would reaffirm that stance.

“I believe it is simply too damaging to our economy and too dangerous to our democracy to have 50 states doing 50 different things with regard to immigration policy,” said Mr. Schumer, New York Democrat and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s immigration subcommittee.

  1. Chris Duane

    Then why aren’t you enforcing the immigration laws we currently have on the books, Mr. Schumer? Do you have a hidden agenda? You must because you seem dead set on allowing illegal immigrants to flood into the USA, meanwhile you prevent the states from solving the problem. Is that part of the Zionist/Globalist agenda?

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